Better days (2016)

by Missiles of October

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Better days 01:59
Everyday 07:07
Loser 03:45
Chainsaw 01:56
Problems 02:41


Missiles of October are:
Lionel Beyet: bass & scream
Bob Seytor: drums
Mathias Salas: guitar & scream
extra Guitar on "Looser man" by Ralf Jock

All songs and texts by Missiles of October
Recorded 28-29 may 2016 at Sthor sound studio - Germany by Ralf Jock & Guido Lucas
Mixed 20 august 2016 at Sthor sound studio - Germany by Ralf Jock, Guido Lucas & Missiles of October
Mastered 26 aout by Nicolas Beyet

Artwork by Sisca Locca


CD VERSION is available on
POGO RECORDS (France - 075)
EBUS MUSIC (Germany - EM074/QR006-CD)
BONOBO STOMP (France-012):

LP VERSION is available on
POGO RECORDS (France - 075)
EBUS MUSIC (Germany - EM074/QR006-CD)
BONOBO STOMP (France-012):

22.10.16: Breda @ Pob + 2 more
28.10.16: Mochenglabach @ Sthor sound Release party! + Triebault
11.11.16: Bruxelles @ Magasin4 - Release party! + Membrane + Revok + Galvanize + Grant National
12.11.16: Liege @ Garage - Release party! + Membrane + Revok

04.02.17: Dour (Be) @ En attendant le Printemps festival + La jungle + Morkobot + Animal Youth + L'effondras + more !
04.03.17: Bruxelles @ Barlok + Frau Blucher + bollocks breakers + more!!
05.03.17: Paris @ Cirque electrique + Nine Eleven + Remote
18.03.17: Tilburg @ Extase + more!
05.04.17: London (GB) @ Underworld Camden + Whores + Big Business
29.04.17: Zaventem (be) @ private party
13.05.17: Bruxelles (Be) @ Bunker + krakenizer + lapins électriques
01.07.17: Liege @ No dirty rules festival
15.09.17: Bruxelles @ Magasin4 + Jucifer
22.09.17: La Louviere @ La Taverne du theatre
14.10.17: Reims (fr) @ Appart café
19.10.17: Charleroi @ ROckrill + PHC
20.10.17: Bruxelles @ Barlok + Powerpissed
31.10.17: Mochenglabach (De) @ stohr sound + Grant National
17.11.17: Bruxelles @ Bunker + Frau Blucher + ...



(...)un disco de alto impacto que es ideal para acompañar el día.(...)

(... ) Un riff de un Punk tan oscuro que es imposible no pensar en los dioses Black Flag, una voz tormentosa de fumador de tres paquetes diarios de ducados, más no se puede pedir -(...)
(...) tienen la esencia del Punk pero la van combinando a su gusto, rozando el Sludge de los Melvins en este tema.(...)

Here’s a smashing stoner sledgehammer that will do your head in. No escape possible, no way to avoid this towering tornado. Noise rock for metallic freaks, sludge havoc for the deaf. Time to test your speakers’ flexibleness, time to go totally nuts.

diez cañonazos de sonidos distorsionados directos a la yugular

Rock or Die JAPAN

The Big Belgian Noiserock List

Een eerste luistersessie toont aan dat hun claim van "10 tracks of raw and dirty sounding punk, grunge, sludge, and noise rock" niet overdreven is. Een gedetailleerde review volgt nog ...

Out of Brussels, Belgium comes a three-piece band that effortlessly mixies punk, stoner, doom, and a touch of sludge metal in their music and that band is Missiles Of October. They kindly reached out to us and since they were so kind, we are reviewing their 2016 release entitled “Better Days”.
Missiles Of October is composed of Lionel Beyet on bass/vocals, Bob Seytor on drums, and Mathias salas on guitars/vocals. They combine gutteral screaming with the chaos behind garage punk, and at times they incorporate post-grunge and doom/sludge into their music. They have played at various venues in Belgium, France, and the United Kingdom, and are poised to begin taking over the charge in Western Europe and beyond.
The album combines the garage punk with the uptempo rhythms in songs such as “State of Crisis”, “Better Days”, and “Problems”. Missiles Of October allow the listener to unpack another layer into this trio with the sludgy/prog arrangements in tracks such as “No Brain No Headache” and “Everyday”. The guitars shred hard like barbed wire on skin, and the rhythm section sludges through like quicksand while pounding through like a jackhammer in the same token.
Overall, this is a solid record to listen to from front to back. There is enough diversity in the arrangements to make it palatable for those that are into punk, doom, post-grunge, and sludge. There isn’t really one track that would stick out as a single, it’s just a solid listen the whole way through. Madness To Creation gives this album a decent 7 out of 10 stars. This record is for you if you’re fans of groups like Fugazi, Jesus Lizard, and Sonic Youth

Missiles Of October aus Belgien liefern auf ihrem neuesten Album "Better Days" (Das nun auch schon knapp zwei Jahre alt ist. Mensch Kratt, du darfst deine Reviews nicht so schleifen lassen!) wieder feinsten Sludge mit ordentlichem Punkrock-Einfluss.
Wer den Vorgänger "No Panic" von 2014 gehört hat, weiß hier schon ungefähr, was auf ihn zukommt: druckvolle Songs, rauher, kehliger Gesang, fette Gitarren und ein grooviger Bass werden zu einem wohlbekömmlichen Süppchen zusammengerührt und dem Zuhörer direkt ins Mittelohr eingeflößt.
Für Freunde des Slufge definitiv zu empfehlen aber auch Punkfans kommen hier auf ihre Kosten. Besonders haben es mir "No Brain, No Headache" und der Titeltrack angetan.
Den drei Herren aus Brüssel kann ich jedenfalls nur ein fettes "Merci" für diese Scheibe entgegenröhren (wirkt wahrscheinlich grusliger, als ich mir gerade vorstelle)

(...) Punchy, uptempo, sort of driving indie punk leaning somewhat towards the Motorhead/Venom/Bathory-oriented US blackthrash school, particularly on tracks like “state of crisis”. Other tracks are more quirky, mixing elements of The Residents, post-Damaged Black Flag or even arguably Sonic Youth into the equation…but never too much, and always with an eye towards the aforementioned punkish straightforward motion and aggression. (....)

Hard-rockin’ Belgian band Missiles of October has launched their latest gritty and dynamic sonic missive in the form of new album Better Days. The act mixes the rough and raw sludge, punk, and stoner music styles to noisy and exciting effect.

It's the day again where you should give your wishlist and add some bread for the journey of St Nicholas. As for me it feels as if the list of wishes get's smaller with every year because those things can not be bought in shops....
But Missiles Of October left a nice present for all of us. Their album "Better Days" is a kicking mixture of raw vocals, pounding rhythm and dirty rough guitars. It feels great and helps a lot to let some pressure burn. It's stuff like Helmet used to craft back in their prime days I also feel slightly reminded of the anger level of Motörhead recordings - this also goes for the direct sound the recording offers.

Ils sont trois, ils sont belges et ils viennent de sortir leur 3ème album intitulé Better Days. Missiles Of October revient en force dans un style énergique et bourré d'influences diverses, on t'en dit un peu plus juste en dessous...
Bourré d'influences, le terme est idéal pour le trio qui cummule les étiquettes avec succès. A chaque titre son registre sans perdre de vue l'univers premier du groupe. La cohérence est de mise tout au long de Better Days pour naviguer entre rock, punk, stoner ou encore sludge.
L'album commence en douceur, comme pour habituer l'oreille à ces nouveaux titres, State Of Crisis, No Brain No Headache (dont l'intro sacadée couplée à l'echo de la voix et les riffs puissants apportent un côté presque nu metal), puis Satisfaction In Nothing. Le groupe va droit à l'essentiel, instrumental simple et concis, juste ce qu'il faut pour souligner une voix atypique, écorchée et puissante... Mais c'est là que vous faites erreur!
Sans comprendre pourquoi ni comment, mais pour notre plus grand plaisir, l'album semble subitement prendre un virage des plus serrés. Tout commence avec Better Days, titre éponyme, sans doute le plus punk du disque. Les guitares saturées, rapides, les riffs redondants, l'instru simple et les choeurs «oh oh» contrastent à merveille avec ce chant typé stoner / garage rock. La claque fera un aller retour avec les titres suivants, Everyday (plus axé sludge, lourd et grave, avec ses cris éraillés et son final en crescendo surpuissant), Loser (un des morceaux les plus efficaces de l'album. Energique et efficace à souhait), Chainsaw, Problems...
Blah Blah Blah marquera un léger retour en arrière avant que Two Feet In Sludge ne clôture le disque de la plus belle des manières.
Les gars de Missiles Of October enfoncent toutes les portes ouvertes face à eux, et dépoussièrent chaque note de musique à grand renfort de riffs puissants et énergiques. Il serait bien dommage de les enfermer dans une case alors que le trio manie les styles avec aisance et cohérence tout en s'en appropriant le moindre effet, se créant ainsi une identité en beton. Attention, ça décoiffe!

While this one isn’t exactly new, it was sent to us out of the blue from a Belgian band of old punks, Missiles of October, and was definitely a nice surprise. You like surprises, right?
Well, good news everybody! That’s precisely what you’ll be getting with Better Days. There will be many times over the course of a listen that you think you know where it’s heading and you will be wrong. At any given point in this record, you’ll have your false sense of security shaken. Just accept that ahead of time and you’ll appreciate all it has to offer.
While this album may not be everyone’s cup of tea, the record nerds that have looked too far into the rabbit hole that rock ‘n roll opened for us will surely have their synapses firing all over the place. With it’s odd timings, strong rhythm section, sludgy overtones, intricate melodies, and vicious vocals there is some sense of a heavy familiarity that seems to be a nod to more seasoned bands such as Babes in Toyland, Unsane, Butthole Surfers, and Helmet. Yet, Missiles of October have somehow managed to rearrange every notion you may have about how that noise should fit together.
Take track “Everyday” for example — It starts as a great soundtrack to another shitty day, moves into a guttural rage, brings you down into a lull of a possible ending, and then takes a little jazz break. A really fucking good one too. Then it plows right into the next song, “Looser Man,” which also leads you to believe that the song you hear is what you’ll get, but surprise, this one goes a little prog and then ends off on a surprisingly catchy note.
Not punk enough for you? That’s cool because “Problems” and “Blah Blah Blah” will be up shortly and those are going to melt your fucking face off with the pure embodiment of frustration with the human condition. In fact, the whole album is like that. Not only does this album convey and commiserate an overall feeling of hopelessness and doom that we all know a little too well, but it also does so in a strange yet perfect package of cacophonous dissonance that will keep you intrigued long after you’ve finished listening.
If you’re looking for something positive, poppy, or upbeat, this is definitely not your record. However, if life has kicked you in the teeth one too many times and you just need something different to fill up that void, Better Days may just “Really tie the room together,” so to speak.

Ah les missiles ! Si il y'a bien un groupe qui a compris ses dernières années comment communiquer via la toile, les réseaux, les partages, les mailing-lists et tutti-quanti, ce sont bien les vétérans belges. Outre la piqûre de rappel tous les 2 mois, c'est à la force de la relance et d'une kyrielle de concerts (partout mais pas avec n'importe qui) que le trio cherche à se faire connaître. Et comme, ils sont forts, les gaillards, ils ne profitent évidemment pas du CV kilométrique de chacun de ses membres, dont le plus éminent dépassent les 4 décennies de frappe au service du punk rugueux !
Chez Core and co, nous nous étions arrêtés à la carte de visite du groupe en 2012... pensez bien qu'il ne nous fallait pas en rester là.
Une fois n'est pas coutume en Belgique (sic), ce n'est pas l'indifférence polie qui a mis de côté les sorties de Missiles of October chez les « connaisseurs », mais le retour gagnant de La Muerte. Même si on ne peut vraiment pas parler de concurrence entre les 2 formations, force est de constater que La Mort a frappé un grand coup dans le monde du riff, éclipsant par la même occasion l'impressionnant Don't panic inaugural des bruxellois. Que les oreilles chastes se rassurent, si elles sont de passage dans ces lignes, je n'oublie pas évidemment que c'est bien Puggy qui a tout raflé à cette époque...
Don't Panic, donc, un punk abrasif dégoulinant de sludge avait de quoi satisfaire et surprendre les plus aguerris des aficionados du riff brûlant. Une demi-douzaine de titres ont de quoi devenir des classiques instantanés pour qui à la noise grasse bien ancrée entre ses deux oreilles.
Comme les gars ont du métier à revendre, ils en remettent une couche plus épaisse avec Better days, soit 10 titres pour une grosse demi-heure entre punk lourd et hardcore incisif.
Quand ça ralentit dans le tempo, c'est pour t'en remettre une, un peu plus grasse...
Malins, ils osent même le single imparable « Satisfaction is nothing » en allant repêcher adroitement le riff de "Lay lady lay" de Dylan mais revu par Ministry.
Ces gens ont du goût, je vous dis.
« State of crisis », le dévastateur « Loser », le puissant «Everyday », le sale punk « Chainsaw », leur classique « Two feet in sludge », un affable « Blah-blah-blah » pour souffler un coup ; le sautillant « No brain, no headache », n'en jetez plus! Better days est bien ce genre d'album compact, complet que l'on savoure à 2-3 reprises sans bouder son plaisir. Parce que oui dans tout ce joyeux vacarme, la notion de plaisir est bien présente. L'archétype de l'album bandant sans mal de tête.
Eric D-Toorop

Belgian band that make me think of a cross between No Means No and Helmet ! They have that big, aggressive sound but also the more complex rhythm patterns and differing tempos. One moment, they’re hurtling through the rapid fire delivery of the title track and the next, they reduce the pace to the Flipper-ish dirge of ‘Everyday’. This is hard rock with real attitude. Put them on tour with a band like Metz and I’m sure they’d end-up winning themselves a real big chunk of the audience. This is primal, direct stuff that goes straight for the gut. Make sure you hear it soon

Missiles of October come from Brussels, Belgium and are playing dirty version of punk mixed with noise rock and stoner influences. They were formed in 2012.and until now made quite a name for themselves playing a lot of gigs and sharing the stages with a number of well known acts. This album contains 10 song of relentless, angry punk played with conviction. With titles like “No Brain, No Headache” you get your daily dose of greasy and angry almost Black Flag-ish punk ending in sludgy swampy guitar parts and thunderous drums. This record should be played very loud! I always loved European sludge bands because they sound different somehow than their American counterparts. On this record there are many song structures with noise parts like in “Satisfaction in Nothing” which is the perfect blend of noise and punkish dirty riffs. As I understand the lyrics are pretty gloomy and hopeless but with also with certain amount of irony and humour. My personal favourite of this record is “Better Days”, an uptempo song which I played a couple of times in a row. This is a fine record and there is a cassete, vinyl, cd and digital version so grab your copy and support the guys by showing some internet love for their page, maybe book them a gig or two or something.

The music of Missiles of October is rough, its the musical equivalent of the feeling you get when you wake up in the morning and you burp and you taste a mix of the kebab and the tinny lager you’d consumed the night before. Its that awful sweaty smell in your bedroom in the morning when you’ve let your mates sleep on the floor after a heavy night out, even though you’d opened all your windows as a precautionary measure. Its rough, but God do I need it. Its difficult to explain why, but its resonating at just the right frequency to cook my pumpkin. The lead singer is putting this death core voice on but its not scaring me, instead its giving me a delicious back scratch. Those purring guitars, those attack dog riffs are giving me a well needed enema. Its the honesty and self-effacement from the indecipherable shouty lyrics that I’m picking up on that’s doing it for me, such a tonic given the world of appearances that one finds oneself continually having to put up and make compromises with. Fuck, it makes me want to dance, and go into a complete tizz, I think I’m going to play this to my kids – they are going to love it. I feel weird saying this because I think people will find it difficult to see what I’m talking about, but this music has really got soul. This is from the gut. Really, this is a band who feel like heaving, and they’ve written the perfect paen to that feeling you get just before and just as your throwing up. Its like, I’m going to do a shit, look I’m doing a shit, and look there it is, have a look at that. I’m going to listen to this over and over again.

Das schöne gelb-marmorierte Vinyl passt irgendwie gar nicht zum schleppenden Stoner-Noise-Sludge-Sound, zu derm der Sänger sich durch die Stücke röhrt. Hätte El Duce von den MENTORS nicht einen Zug mit seinem Körper bremsen wollen, könnte man durchaus annehmen, dass er hier seine neue Bestimmung gefunden hat.
Kein leichter Stoff, aber er groovet wie die Hölle, mal langsam und zäh, an anderer Stelle auch im hochtourigen Bereich, was letztendlich den entscheidenden Unterschied macht. Haben einmal mehr einiges von der alten AmRep-Schule abgeschaut und einfach die langweiligen Teile weggelassen.
Kalle Stille© by Ox-Fanzine / Ausgabe #132 (Juni/Juli 2017)

Offering a really raw sounding product, the sludgy guitar sound of Better Days against growling, rough vocals & a punky ethos is surprisingly addictive listening. The attitude that exists in the likes of No Brain No Attitude, Satisfaction in Nothing & Everyday fits wonderfully with the chunky guitar riffs & infectious rhythms.
You wouldn’t think a combo of punky hooks & meaty riffs with dirty raw vocals would necessarily work but Missiles of October make it sound like it would have been impossible to fail. The up-tempo edgier post-hardcore sound of stuff like Better Days, Loser & Chainsaw fits perfectly alongside the darker side of the band’s style.
Adding a sprinkling of groove, fuzzy bass & crashing drum beats to the overall sound enhances the experience. This is a roughness that you can’t help but enjoy. Saving the best for last, Blah-Blah-Blah & Two Feet in Sludge confirm what you should already know by now, Better Days is a great album. The former is foot-tapping, head-banging speedy rhythmic number with tongue in cheek lyrics.
“you’re saying blah! blah-blah-blah!”
While the latter, really pushing the groove to the forefront before letting rip with a meaty rhythm. The croaking vocals is nearing black metal levels of nastiness, it’s relentless but so endearing. A slamming way to finish off.
The album has a really murky & thick sound to it. Like wading through a filthy bog on a hot summers day as mosquitoes buzz around you constantly. You’re uncomfortably hot, the smell beginning to get to you but you’re still so in love with the noise surrounding you.

This mix of guttural, screaming vocals and borderline funky progressions makes for what seems at first like a weird new mutation of hardcore. But the longer I listened, the more I heard the tracks slow down and get distended into a noisy stoner rock amalgamation that featured their share of literal wailing and dragging, riff-driven dirges. Somewhere between mangy punk and sludge, the Missiles Of October manage to make a drag sound tight, and that is no small task. –Lyle

Fin 2016 le groupe de Bruxelles a envoyé à la face du monde For Better Days. Un album de punk Sludge beaucoup de Noise qui moi me rappelle le début de L7 et The Melvins. Les gars ont de l'expérience et savent ce qui marche, on sent aussi le plaisir de faire de la musique et la complicité à travers cet album.
Leur musique s'écoute avec le volume au maximum, c'est un mélange des genres, mais avec cette saveur sludge où la basse ( Lionel Beyet ) pleine de distorsion prend beaucoup d'importance. La batterie ( Bob Seytor ) est excellente et inventive elle accompagne très bien les changements d'accords dans les pièces, j'aimerais qu'elle soit un peu plus forte, mais en spectacle ça doit être le cas.
La guitare ( Mathias Salas ) est parfaite, c'est en plein mon style, on ne cherche pas à trouver l'accord qui sonne bien, mais c'est au contraire de l'exploration des sons, il ya des harmonics un peu partout, il joue parfois en étouffant les accords et ensuite les laissant sonner, il y a des intonations dans la guitare qui apporte le rythme et parfois des mélodies, c'est entre le métal et le punk. C'est super comme résultat, j'ai accroché et apprécié les chansons, c'est un excellent groupe qui viendra peut-être un jour en Amérique pour nous montrer leur talent.
L'album est présentement en streaming, il est aussi disponible à travers l'étiquette Pogo Records. Si vous êtes des amateurs de grunge du début des années 90, avec des sonorités de sludge et une attitude punk. Allez découvrir le groupe Missiles Of October.

Sludgy guitars, doomy growling vocals and an idiosyncratic sense of humor make Better Days by Missiles of October a truly must-hear record of 2017.
These noisy, Belgian hardcore rockers really know how to make you want to headbang and scream along to their music. Every song on this album is filled with infectious rhythms, chunky riffs and attitude. This is the kind of music that you blast in your car after the end of a crappy week at your job to wring out all of your pent up frustrations. This is the kind of music that will get your adrenaline running and help you get through pretty much anything.
The overall sound on this record is very mucky and thick, largely thanks to the chainsaw-like buzzing guitars, snarling bass and explosive drums. The band at times sounds somewhat similar to the likes of the Melvins, Tad and Flipper. The production work here is even reminiscent of the ‘80s and early ‘90s work of Steve Albini. This album definitely earns a place on your shelf right next to your favorite SST Records releases.
There are many strong tracks here, but it’s hard to top “Blah-blah-blah.” The guitar here sounds like a speeding racecar revving past your ear and the insatiable rhythm will make your head bob and your feet tap involuntarily but most of all, how can you not enjoy a song that is constantly yelling “you’re saying blah-blah-blah, it’s just blah-blah-blah!”
Also, the remixed bonus tracks are pretty damn cool. Both songs feature an incredibly atmospheric, post-apocalyptic acid-punk vibe that brings to mind groups like Crystal Fairy.
Venomous, aggressive and endlessly fun; Better Days will certainly make your day a thousand times better, no matter what life is currently throwing at you.

Belgians Missiles of October recently released their gutter, groovy, garage style punk LP, Better Days, and holy hell does it make you want to turn your brain off and mosh until you pass out from heat stroke.
Better Days is made up of ten kickass, grimy punk rock tracks that are just raw and edgy, with no fluff and no filler. Tracks "State of Crisis" and "Problems" are take them as you see them; fast and furious. To be honest, from "No Brain No Headache" to "Blah-Blah-Blah", Better Days is just track after track of heavy, yet groovy, garage style punk that will take fans back in time to the glory days of bands like Voivod or The Gories.
Sometimes less is more, only being a trio, Missiles of October proves that it doesn't take more than some grit, attitude, talent, and a couple distortion pedals to put out some killer tunes. Better Days gets to the core of what punk is (and was) really about; simplicity, extreme volume, ass kicking attitude, and slam dancing the night away. Order or download Better Days ASAP, you will seriously thank me!

Belgium’s Missiles of October have been cranking out their own brand of post-hardcore/noise rock since 2012. Approximately five years on from that time, the self-proclaimed “three old guys” are still very much an underground act, gleefully making listeners’ ears bleed whilst recycling various familiar influences. Their 2017 release ‘Better Days’ really drives home their love of retro hardcore, Jesus Lizard-esque angular art rock and more, in a package that some will find hard to swallow and yet others will lap up with twisted merriment.
It’s an album which very much fits its lo-fi cassette boundaries, trumpeting a sound that’s both hard and fuzzy, reminiscent of the days of 80s analogue. It’s not just about noise, though; peel your ears back just a little farther and you’ll discover various tracks of tight grooves as well as pointed anger – and Missiles are very much one of those bands that prove three is the magic number when creating hardcore noise on a scale of minimum manpower. [The two-man garage rock thing is great and all, but you can’t beat a bit of driving bass work].
With a fuzz bass and crashing cymbal, ‘State of Crisis’ sets out the band’s stall with immediate effect, with spiky rhythmic riffs dropping in and out of a hardcore punk pacing. With an incessant and lop-sided groove more than in place, the vocals lurch and growl like a drawling cousin of the younger Lou Koller; there’s no room here for lightweights! With more room for manoeuvre, the slower ‘No Brain, No Headache’ combines the previous trashy sounds with a slow garage rock/stoner hybrid – something with direct links to the ‘Gluey Porch Treatments’ era Melvins. With the bass much higher in the mix, there’s a truck-like intent even if the lo-fi production values never allows anything to reach speaker busting levels, while dual vocals alternately drawl and scratch their way through a fiercely intense four minutes.
‘Satifaction In Nothing’ mixes all of the previous elements to reveal a more angular sound on a track where piercing guitars punctuate a shouty vocal with great effect. While it’s a number where the main drudging riff aims to take over everything, every care is taken to make sure there’s a great balance between each of the instruments. Heavy and arty, it’s like experiencing a more accessible Jesus Lizard, bolstered by a great Jack Endino production. The title track, meanwhile, hammers through almost two minutes worth of garage rock, as if a band signed to the King Pizza label had taken to covering (the) Germs. Fast and hard are the important factors here…and while it represents the kind of trashy/thrashy rawk you’ve heard many, many times, MOO’s enthusiasm and energy ensures it’s still a great listen. They then flip everything on it’s head, moving swiftly from uptempo garage to slow stoner grooves, with the monolithic ‘Everyday’ pushing the bass forth and really flaunting the Melvins love. Rarely more than a mid paced lurch is attained, and while it might never become a favourite (especially sequenced next to a standout in the way it is), there’s a sense of determination and weight that’s hard to argue with.
Comprising a heavy fuzz bass and semi-sludgy groove, ‘Loser’ is the perfect mix of stoner metal and garage rock, showing Missiles’ hybrid sound approaching the more accessible but never losing an ear for toughness; ‘Chainsaw’ sweats to the old-school with some straight hardcore garage punk, with nods to the Canadian stream with hints of D.O.A. and NoMeansNo before ‘Problems’ brings everything back to more familiar turf with some garage rock buoyancy. On this track, in particular, there’s more of a shift towards the rhythmic, with chopping guitar work being challenged by some great hi-hat work. …And with everything quickly disintegrating into fumbling soundclashes and feedback before a short and sharp finish, it gives an appropriate end to a short run of superb tracks.
Moving towards the close of the cassette, ‘Blah Blah Blah’ pulls some of the rougher elements of the bands sound back, allowing a hard a repetitive riff to take a dominant role. While a slower breakdown aims to push the tune in a different direction, it’s still one of the weaker efforts here, proving that aggression and volume cannot win out alone. From a solid beginning to a spectacular middle, this album crawls to a surprisingly indifferent end, as ‘Two Feet In Sludge’ presents some fairly ordinary noise-making and the self-explanatory ‘Lost Song’ is little more than a muddy demo. Padding out the release with a couple of remixes only seems to strengthen the feelings of a band losing focus, but let’s not forget how great this band sounded at the album’s genuine peak.
This is confrontational and sometimes challenging, but often brilliant. While Missiles of October strive so hard for originality, their core sounds remain familiar, but let’s face it, without descending into tuneless noise, so many of the art rock bases have already been more than covered. Whatever, the playing is passionate, the grooves are tough and when fully on form, the band presents themselves as a brilliant force. For fans of early Melvins, Jesus Lizard and a few other old curios from the Amphetamine Reptile label, at least the first two thirds of this release is highly recommended listening. …And if you like what you hear, make sure you check out the UK’s SuperLuxury and Cattle whilst you’re at it.

Stoner punk metal trio Missiles of October have been making noise for years. All three members can hand over a lengthy resume listing previous stints with bands in the Belgian underground. Their latest album is called Better Days, a smack in the face and a punch of guts. Yes, it's dirty, but also possesses that rare quality of being "tight but loose".
Better Days is nihilistic and angry as fuck. The songs won't let go and after a little over half an hour the listener is finally allowed to catch his breath again, pummeled into submission, but smiling uncontrollably. Recommended if you like Fugazi, Faith No More and the Dead Kennedys (without the politics).

Our first exposure to Missiles of October was the song ‘No Brain No Headache’ from their sophomore album Better Days. This band brings something a bit different to the doom or sludge metal arena, with a breath of fresh punk air tossed out from their box of noise.
Released in October 2016, via P.O.G.O. Records (which since 1993, happens to be run by Lionel Beyet), Better Days is a fast grooving mixture of very punk infused sludge. With driving fuzzed-out guitar riffs and melodies accompanied by great hard bass lines, some intense drum smashings, and gnarled, whiskey soaked vocals laid over top of it, you have yourself one hell of a fun time.
This latest release is a gritty, hard, bludgeoning album, at times can be straight on noise rock, then switches up with a definite grunged groove to it. It’s not a common melding of sound typically found within ‘standard’ doom, punk, or sludge. They are enthusiastically stomping across every genre and grabbing whatever they want along the way.
Missiles of October’s latest experiment is definitely worth a listen… or three. It works. It works quite nicely, in fact. You’re wanting to break chairs with one song, then sit right on top of that destroyed pile of furniture to contemplate life with the next tune.
If you’re a fan of Unsane, Les Thugs, Jesus Lizard, Helmet, Black Flag, Unwound and the like, then Better Days will be a pleasant surprise. To add to the surprise, the release is available as a ‘Name Your Price’ (NYP) download on their Bandcamp page.
Their release preceding Better Days, entitled Don’t Panic, had a bit less diversity, but is nonetheless a great album. Better Days takes it further into a somewhat alternate path in combining a range of music styles. Whether you’re more a fan of punk, noise, heavy rock, or metal, Better Days includes elements that can be appreciated by most.

What time is it? Oh yes, discovery time! For today’s Band of the Day Revisited, Missiles of October, we dive into a mad mix of punk, grunge, hardcore and hard rock with our Belgian metallers. Formed in 2012 they have already played around 90 live shows all over Europe and are slowly developing a name for themselves. Lively, new and full of metal mixed madness, Missiles Of October are the perfect discovery on a day when you are not sure which sort of music you wish to listen to.
Following on from their original feature back in 2014, their new album Better Days is now ready to download for free on Bandcamp. Time to treat yourself with new music!

En ces temps de tension nucléaire entre la Corée du Nord et les Etats-Unis, un groupe comme Missiles Of October arrive à point nommé. Il n'est pas ici question de s'angoisser au sujet des affres de la guerre atomique mais de se payer une bonne tranche de punk énervé et grossier, en attendant l'apocalypse thermonucléaire.
Le dernier album de Missiles Of October n'est pas arrivé sur notre bureau à la vitesse d'un missile. La galette date déjà d'octobre 2016 mais son pouvoir décapant justifie qu'on en parle ici afin de lui donner une chance supplémentaire. D'autant que cette œuvrette efficace provient d'une bande de musiciens plutôt rodés.
Il faut en effet remonter au milieu des années 1970 pour trouver les premières traces d'activité de Bob Seytor, batteur qui a en fait croisé la destinée de quelques groupes représentant la fine fleur du punk belge canal historique. Il passe en effet par les rangs de Chainsaw, combo bruxellois auteur d'un EP en 1977, puis chez Streets et X-Pulsion en 1978, encore d'obscures formations punk rock contemporaines des Kids. Après Contingent en 1980, on retrouve Bob Seytor chez Walpurgis Volta à la fin de la décennie 80, et enfin chez Missiles Of October en 2012, année de la formation du groupe. On compte aussi un certain Mathias Salas (chant et guitare), qui dispense également ses talents chez les écuyers fous de Frau Blücher & The Drunken Horses. Enfin, la formation est complétée par Lionel Beyet (basse et chant), que nos services ont repéré comme un des principaux activistes du groupe français [P.U.T.], auteur de nombreux albums dont un "Like animals" déjà chroniqué dans ces pages.
Autant dire que l'expérience décibélique et rebelle cumulée par ces gaillards aboutit à faire de Missiles Of October un groupe particulièrement abrasif. Le trio démarre ses méfaits en 2012 avec un premier EP "Hangover" enregistré dans des conditions particulièrement rugueuses. La menace continue à se répandre avec l'album "Don't panic" en 2014, où le punk rock irascible se ralentit au contact d'un hardcore épais ("Music for hangover", "Two feet in sludge"). L'épisode suivant est donc ce "Better days" qui met en lice un dizaine de titres (dont "Two feet in sludge" récupéré de l'album précédent). Bob Seytor et ses sbires maintiennent un niveau maximal de saturation et de colère sur cet album qui ne fait pas de quartiers et pourrait faire penser à un croisement entre René Binamé et La Muerte, pour utiliser des références belges.
Autant dire que ça vient refiler quelques gifles, genre main de fer dans un gant d'acier. "State of crisis" met tout de suite la pression avec un rythme rapide et annonce de beaux moments de délires électrifiés ("No brain no headache", l'entêtant "Satisfaction in nothing", l'épileptique "Better days", le long "Everyday", l'excellent "Loser" et j'en passe). C'est du brut de décoffrage, ça râle, ça vocifère du fiel et ça décharge de l'électricité sombre et gluante. Les amateurs de son bien peaufiné peuvent passer leur chemin, les accros au punk à peine ébarbé peuvent se jeter à pieds joints dans ce petit marécage électrique vivifiant.

(...) Missiles Of October offer up ten tracks of raw and dirty sounding punk, grunge, sludge, and noise rock. Overall, Better Days is a really solid album and is definitely worth checking out. Great stuff. Enjoy!

Beim Hören der ersten Sekunden des Openers State Of Crisis muss ich sofort an Black Flag’s 1984 veröffentlichten Klassikers My War denken. Sehr wilder Hardcore-Punk mit einem sehr eigenen, progressiven Gitarrenspiel ala Greg Ginn, der auf positiver Art und Weise verstörend wirkt und richtig neugierig macht.
Der Eindruck bleibt auch während den restlichen neun Songs von Better Days, dem zweiten Album der aus Belgien stammenden Missiles Of October, bestehen.
Die Produktion der Songs passt dabei zum Stil der Band dabei sprichwörtlich „wie die Faust aufs Auge“. Es braucht also nicht immer ein teures Studio, um eine geile Platte rauszubringen, sondern es „tut“ auch einmal der eigene Proberaum wie im Falle der Belgier. Der Sound ist schön dreckig, stumpf und rau wie es für die Tracks besser nicht sein könnte.
Zu dem „Anfang-80er-Kalifornien-Sound“ gesellen sich dann diverse Stile wie Stoner, Sludge und Noise. Das Album erinnert so teilweise auch ein wenig an Helmet, nur das Missiles Of October einiges „punkiger“ unterwegs sind.
Better Days ist als Vinyl, CD und Tape auf der Missiles Of October Bandcamp-Seite erhältlich. Das komplette Album könnt ihr hier im Stream anhören. Hört mal rein – Überraschungen garantiert!

Belgian hardcore punk outfit Missiles of October know what they like and do it well. Their more-than-competent brand of no frills punk gets plenty of applause if little in the way crowd movement. Perhaps it was the band’s relatively static performance (especially in the light of Whores., exertions later) or general generic sound wasn’t worth expending energy on, but it seems a shame. Despite their lack of a unique selling point, Missiles of October made a lot of racket and now how to write a solid heavy punk tune.

Missiles Of October are a band from Belgium that has been featured before in this zine and on this recording plays a mixture of sludge, stoner, punk, and noise rock and this is a review of their 2016 album "Better Days" which was released by Pogo Records.
Powerful sounding bass guitars start off the album along with some drum beats which also leads up to a heavier noise rock direction along with sludge style screams and the music also mixes in the energy of punk rock while also bringing in a decent amount of melody and there is also a great amount of influences from 80's to modern era.
Throughout the recording there is a great mixture of slow, mid paced and fast parts while elements of stoner rock can also be heard at times and a small amount of blast beats can also be heard during the faster sections of the songs and the tracks also mix in a great amount of bass guitar leads and one of the tracks is very long and epic in length and the album also remains very hard and heavy from beginning to end.
Missiles Of October creates another recording that remains true to t he sludge, stoner, punk, and noise rock mixture of previous releases, the production sounds very professional while the lyrics cover angry and real life themes.
In my opinion this is another great sounding recording from Missiles Of October and if you are a fan of sludge, stoner, noise, and punk rock, you should check out this album. RECOMMENDED TRACKS INCLUDE "State Of Crisis" "Better Days" "Chainsaw" and "Two Feet In Sludge". 8 out of 10.

From the opening ominous bass notes of the album Better Days, Missiles of October set out their stall and demand that you lean in and engage. State of Crisis grows from that bass note to a rhythmic, driving punk song that demands that you bang your head as the Dead Kennedys style guitar riff hooks you in.
Hailing from Belgium, the Missiles of October have been touring aggressively across the continent and they’ve released a very strong album. No Brain No Headache channels Fugazi and Front 242 in the juxtaposition of choppy guitars leading into pogo inducing choruses. There is an angular approach to much of the bands output and it combines to produce a very unique and effective package of songs. The third song on the ten track album, Satisfaction in Nothing reminded me a little of the early Pixies whilst the sub-two minute Better Days is much more Black Flag with Rollins style vocals over a pulsating backing.
At the half-way point, we are treated to the seven-minute plus, sludge fest of Everyday. The song shows the bands songwriting chops and does not let up continuing to pound the bass and overlay chaotic guitar solos – Wow!
Loser takes us back up a notch with a Black Sabbath style riff, Rammstein style vocals and Missiles of October style delivery! Loved this song! The band visits a faster approach with another shorter song in Chainsaw that had me reaching for my early Metallica albums and then Problems rocks it up another notch. The penultimate track, Blah-blah-blah is a more, in your face, punk track reminiscent of west coat US bands like the Circle Jerks.
Last up is Two Feet in Sludge, almost four minutes of one of the most appropriately named songs of the year! As the band grinds away behind the raw throat vocals, the album comes to a very satisfying conclusion. Missiles of October are good, very good and are hitting their stride. Check out this super album here

Segundo álbum do colectivo belga conhecido como Missiles Of October e que já é um velho conhecido nosso. O que temos é um rock sujo, visceral, muito próximo do punk (tão próximo que temos mesmo que assumir que são mesmo punk) e do sludge, não deixando de ter a sua pitada de stoner. Ou seja, temos uma série de coisas e ao mesmo tempo não temos especificamente nenhuma delas, portanto vamos dizer apenas que os Missiles são uma bujarda de sujidade e distorção e que "Better Days" é o seu melhor trabalho até agora por uma simples razão: é o seu trabalho mais dinâmico e intenso de sempre. Duvidam? Arrisquem a conhecê-los e verão que temos razão.
Nota 8/10

If you’re unfamiliar with Missiles Of October, they’re a sludgy noise-punk band out of Brussels, Belgium. They’re second full length album Better Days dropped in October and it rages with heavy rhythm guitars, popping bass-lines, blood curdling vocals and off-kilter structures. The opening track “State of Crisis” immediately evokes fragments of Black Flag‘s Damaged era with the doomy sludginess of The Melvins. Similarly, the band delivers an attack of crunchy guitar chords, upbeat rawness and vocal rasp on “Better Days,” “Chainsaw” and “Problems.”
Missiles Of October also unleashes their knack for irregular guitar riffs, adding an element of experimentation to gritty and hard-hitting soundscape. The second track “No Brain No Headache” epitomizes such guitar riffs during the verses, but the same can be heard on “Satisfaction In Nothing” and “Blah-blah-blah.” Better Days is a fun album if you’re a fan of classic hardcore, stoner rock and sludge-metal.

Second album for Missiles of October, who continue with their combined sounds of punk, sludge and stoner rock to serve up a real noise fest with ten new songs making up to one whole titled ‘Better Days’. With the band comprising of members Bob Seytor, Lionel Beyet and Mathias Salas, this trio creates a mighty racket which first track, ‘State of Crisis’, immediately suggests with its pummeling sound of guitars and drums and rasping vocal. Following on, ‘No Brain No Headache’ is dense in sound to begin with, before kicking out, all limbs flailing, during its chorus (of sorts). However, where this song differs is in the vocals, giving the impression of wanting the song’s message to be heard due to far more clarity than what Missiles of October has perhaps dared to give before. The disillusionment with life continues during ‘Satisfaction In Nothing’ that once more contains more clarity in the vocal department, and not without a whiff of Fugazi about it as well. There’s no doubt that many truths regarding everyday mundanity is being communicated here, with song titles providing their own clues (‘Looser Man’, ‘Two Feet In Sludge’, ‘Better Days’, etc.), in addition to the battered and bruised rawness of the music as evidenced by tracks ‘Everyday’ and ‘Problems’. With a limited run of ‘Better Days’ to be issued early next year on yellow vinyl, Missiles of October’s second album can be purchased on all digital formats right now.

Friday Freebies 10-21-2016 by Bill Goodman

One of my favourite things about reviewing music: being introduced to a band that you would never have otherwise come into contact with who sit very nicely within your tastes. I have huge soft spots for anything that is filthy and unpredictable, two boxes of which are thoroughly ticked and pissed all over in Better Days.
Missiles Of October produce a very raw sound, with songs flitting between setups with dual guitars and a rough bassline, and a satisfyingly overdriven bass and single guitar. The lack of studio processing keep things simple and clean cut, and give the sound a unique edge over most music you come across these days.
The songs themselves power through some simple, catchy riffs that tend to steal the show as they are thrashed out through heavy repetition. This approach can fall either way; Better Days will lose you if your attention flits away for too long, or it will continuously dig it’s hooks in through the course of the album. The structures are similar to that of Queens Of The Stone Age, who’s best songs are essentially the same, simple riffs repeated for the entire song, except where Missiles of October stand out (aside from not being fronted by a massive cunt) is the unpredictable nature.
The opener, State Of Crisis, packs a riff that will stick with you for days after listening. Title track, Better Days, is by far the catchiest of them all, a 2 minute blazer capturing the heavier, punk side of the band. This then drops you into Everyday, a 7 minute epic that completely contrasts their sound and styles, slowing things right down before breaking down in an extremely loud, wailing fashion, which makes you wish you were witnessing this whole ordeal live.
Which is essentially the biggest problem with Better Days. The music has been captured so well, but it would all be so much better live with the physical energy encompassing the room, and your attention fully focussed on what is happening. It is sometimes too easy to become distracted and lose the dynamics of the album. Not that Missiles Of October are one of those serious, deep and complex bands, but the way the songs work best, without the similar sounding guitars becoming too samey, relies on you paying more attention on this one. But don’t let that put you off, if you like rough, noisy and unpredictable guitar driven music, this is an album you will want to delve your ears into and give a good opportunity to sink in.

Belgium is a well known tour spot for British and European underground music. You ask any small-time or underground band they will tell you they wish to go or have actually been, with many of the bands featured on Musically Fresh testament to this. But what of the country of Belgium and it’s own exports?
We’ve grappled with Cocaine Piss and destroyed our hearing with El Yunque but what about the projectile explosives of Missiles Of October? We won’t spend too long on this one but enough time will elapse that your interests are sufficiently peaked. Speaking of which…
With five releases to date and more riffs you can shake a stick at, Missiles Of October have that certifiable Stoner Rock repetition, with drawn-out chugging riffs and a sleazy gloom. Its simplistic but its not trying to be anything else and that’s why it works.
But that’s not all, there some Punk-Rock in there too, as well as a very serious lack of taking themselves too seriously. Making your way through this bands discography you find yourself feeling the pangs of disappointment, not because of what you’re hearing so much but more because you are unable to see it live as you listen.
Better Days was released on the 17th October and as a full length, nigh-on fills the needs of the Stoner Rock, Sludge Metal inclined head-banging stoner to a T. The chord progressions are simple, powerful and driven, providing those neck exercises you were missing from your exercise routine.
The old school Hardcore Punk infusion is welcome and sits well with Belgium’s Punk tradition. The albums title track crunches down on 77′ riffs and a slightly more contemporary melodic guitar line that may be out of place but in the most positive way possible. If you were to pick a track to showcase, as part of three-track sampler etc.. then ‘Better Days’ would be a prime cut, keeping with the lumbering powerhouse of Missiles Of October but showing they aren’t afraid to pick up the pace.
By this fifth release you find that the band have settled into their sound, maturity may be the wrong word for an overall summation but for lack of a better word, we’ll settle for it’s use.
Better Days isn’t a departure but rather a leaning or nod in the direction that could well become a departure. The Punk-Rock is intensified and the stoner/sludge groove is actually morphed into more of a conditioning as the band explore the faster Punk, Rock n’ Roll, Metal and even slight Garage Rock temptations further.

Wie sehen die besseren Tage aus? Missiles of October skizzieren ein destruktives Bild und arrangieren aus dieser Perspektive ein düsteres Klangbild mit dunklen Tönen und einem hohen Energielevel, der überhaupt keinen Wert auf einen Wandel legt, sondern in einem steten Gleichklang der Destruktivität seine Veränderungswiderstände lautmalt, ohne destruktive Kompromisse einzugehen oder aufzuzeigen.
Im monotonen gleichtönigen Rhythmus wie in "Satisfaction for nothing" wird der genial einfache Impulsfaktor offenbar. Das Spannungsverhältnis aufrechterhalten und die stärker werdende Kraft als einfaches instrumentales Gestaltungsmittel nutzbar machen, bis aus dem getriebenen Rhythmus eine Bedrohung wird. MISSILES OF OCTOBER scahffen es erneut, Chaos und Anarchie hervorzubringen. Dazu wird die kreative Spannung und die klare Vorstellung von der gegenwärtigen Realität in ein intensiv dichtes Klangbild projiziert, dass die Auswirkungen der Frustrationsprozesse kaum zu ertragen sind.

(...) Et puis, petit à petit, tu te dis que la guitare dissonante et le travail des deux voix sur « No Brain No Headache »( je me demande si c'est un hommage à l'ancien webzine ou pas...) sont vraiment bien foutus. Que le côté punk du titre éponyme ne peux t'empêcher de taper du pied et de secouer la tête. Que le travail sur la wha wha d' « Everyday » est simplement mortel. De même que le côté planant de ce même morceau qui apporte un peu de répit dans ce vortex de violence. Que « Looser Man », qui est ce que je considère comme le « hit » de ce « Better Days ». Cette chanson fourmille de bonnes idées et est incroyablement catchy. Que le travail des voix ( rappelant volontairement ou non Vandal X), sur « Blah Blah Blah » est des plus réussi.
C'est donc vraiment un album plein que nous livre Missiles of October. Si jamais vous aimez Jesus Lizard, Lightning Bolt, Vandal X, Dazzling Killmen… Donnez la chance à cet album. Vous ne le regretterez pas.

Ako se sećate, a nadam se da je odgovor potvrdan (što bi u mnogome skratilo moju pisanijadu), o ovom bendu pisah kada sam radila recenziju njihovog izdanja Don’t panic” iz 2014. godine. Sada su se oglasili ponovo.
Najava za album bila je u obliku EP-ja nazvanog “No brain” koji se pojavio mesec dana ranije. Četiri pesme, lepo upoznavanje sa materijalom i tako to. Onda je objavljen album. Za one koji su čitali ono napisano oko dve godine ranije da ne ponavljam, ali moram zbog novopridošlih fanova mog rada i dela... hehehe... Ekipa je iz Belgije, a sviraju neku mešavinu punk / hard core / noisecore muzike. Iako sam znala šta me čeka, na prvo slušanje mi se nisu baš najbolje približili. Zato je usledilo drugo, treće, četvrto... preslušavanje i obraćanje pažnje na detalje. Da, naravno da je sve krenulo na bolje! Deset pesama, neke su malo duže, neke taman koliko treba, ali gledano u celini sve je ok. Izdvojila bih “State of Crisis”, “Satisfaction in nothing”, “Better days”, “Chainsaw”, “Looser man”,... Fino! Naravno, nije ovo nešto što me je oduvalo svojom lepršavošću, ali u skladu sa muzičkim stilom sasvim je dobro, slušljivo - a to mi je najbitnije.

(...) Volviendo a Better days", 10 temas de noise, punk, rock, stoner, sludge.... dificil combinación pero con un sonido impresionante a cargo de estos dinosaurios del punk, (...)

(...) Alors avec une bonne grosse basse distordue jamais graissée, une batterie à deux balles, la voix d'un charbonneux, des accords de guitare à faire pâlir Satriani, la rage d'un pitbull et des compos bas du front, Better Days n'a pas la vie facile, ne montre pas la voie à des lendemains qui chantent. Mais les pieds dans la boue, les mains dans le cambouis, se taper la tête contre les murs et les emmerdes, Missiles Of October ne cherche que ça. Un vilain petit canard aussi repoussant qu'attirant. Mais je crois bien que je vais finir par l'adopter.

Le trio belges MISSILES OF OCTOBER sortent leur 2ème album une sorte de mix suintant la Noise le Grunge et le Punk !

Noise Rock, Sludge, Stoner, Punk: è la formula di questa formazione belga attiva dal 2012, che alla fine dello scorso anno ha pubblicato Better Days (in LP a gennaio 2017). Per fan di Helmet, Jesus Lizard e Fugazi.

Belgian punk rock from late last year, heavy on the rock. A strong selection of songs. Decently recorded, sounds really good. Growly but not completely cookie-monster vocal. Favourite tracks: “State Of Crisis” (the opener), “No Brain No Headache” (the single, above), “Loser”, “Two Feet In Sludge” (whose title is truth in advertising). This is better than I’d been expecting.

Prepare to adjust your list of favourite Belgians. Not sure if these will go above Luc Nilis, but surely top ten material.
Stoner punk metal, they call it and that’s probably a pretty accurate description. It’s certainly more metal than we’re used to round here, but with enough of the punk and the stoner to place it firmly within our wheelhouse.
Missiles Of October are a three-piece made up of Bob Seytor, Mathias Salas and Lionel Beyet, all three being veterans of many other bands down the years. They call themselves three old guys playing sludge vs punk vs noise rock. It worked for Ronseal…
No Brain No Headache is taken from the LP Better Days.

Tra fumi perenni ed alcol continuamente sgorgante si infilano con la parsimonia di un elefante in una cristalleria questi baldi giovanotti belgi che assieme formano i Missiles Of October. Una band che non conosce minimanente il significato di “fronzoli”, e che mette in mostra il proprio pensiero attraverso il sano concetto di “rumore”. Sano per modo di dire, dato che i loro spunti musicali si combaciano a meraviglia con elementi quali, ad esempio, la cirrosi epatica e la bronchite cronica. Ma il trio di Bruxelles sembra sbattersene altamente, e seguendo gli insegnamenti soprattutto di band come Unsane, propongono con ‘Better Days’, secondo disco sulla lunga distanza dopo l’esordio del 2014 ‘Don’t Panic’, un mix esuberante e concreto di punk, noise, stoner e sludge, in un minestrone dalle essenze sulfuree ma efficaci e gustose. I brani non spiccano certamente per originalità, ma evidenziano una forza parecchio sostenuta, affrontando la concezione di contatto diretto con l’ascoltatore nella maniera migliore possibile. A parte “Everyday” dalla durata piuttosto lunga per questo genere, i brani sono mediamente corti, ma dal tiro convinto e continuo, un tiro che ci smuove e ci fa sudare all’insegna del puro divertimento. Non è propriamente un caso se l’album in questione venga pubblicato per l’etichetta francese Pogo Records, e che fa del DIY il suo monumentale totem. “No Brain, No Headache”, col suo ritornello strumentale esplosivo, ci fa scapocciare e sballottare quasi come i migliori Unsane, e che in Italia possiamo ben trovare in band come le Agatha; ed anche la title-track, nella sua durata molto limitata, concentra pienamente tutti i requisiti per un viaggio all’insegna del pogo sfrenato, con la birra che scorre a fiumi. Il tutto merito della ritmica serrata messa in atto dalla batteria di Bob Seytor e dalla voce rauca e vissutissima di Mathias Salas, alle prese con disegni veloci di chitarra. Con “Loser”, come anche nei brani precedenti come la già citata “No Brain, No Headache”, prende corpo la voce ancora più segnata dai quintali di sigaretta fumati di Lionel Beyet, che col suo timbro tipicamente sludge adopera violenze verbali senza ritegno alcuno. Inoltre un contributo importante alla seconda chitarra lo dà l’ospite Ralf Jock, che soprattutto nella parte finale del brano alza ulteriormente la qualità musicale, variando per quanto possibile la melodia chitarristica altrimenti fin troppo standardizzata di Salas, per quanto sia comunque prorompente. Dopo il trittico “Chainsaw / Problems / Blah-blah-blah” dove la band continua con il suo percorso di ignoranza musicale sfrenata, degna dei migliori pogo all’interno di piccoli centri sociali ben nutriti, ‘Better Days’ si chiude con “Two Feet In Sludge” dove la sporchissima voce di Lionel Beyet accompagna in modo degno ritmiche leggermente più lente, che acquistano ulteriormente in densità che difficilmente si riesce a scalfire. I Missiles Of October si dimostrano una band che sa far divertire il pubblico, che si presume sia formato sostanzialmente da giovani disadattati e tendenti all’insurrezione anarchica, figli di una società che li vuole respingere, e che vogliono risolvere le loro beghe esistenziali ubriacandosi e pogando al ritmo del noise-sludge del power-trio belga; a cui si potrebbero aggiungere anche ascoltatori più datati, che sentono comunque in maniera profonda i disagi che la società contemporanea spesso comporta, e che vogliono immergersi in contesti dove regna il puro divertimento e la voglia di sfogarsi. Su quest’ultimo particolare, i Missiles Of October si indirizzano in maniera ideale e compiono un lavoro pressochè perfetto.

Diese Band aus Belgien hat einen hart rockenden Bass, Noise-Elemente und einen guten Drive. Eine gute Mischung aus HELMET, TOOL, vielleicht ein wenig MOTÖRHEAD. Die MISSILES OF OCTOBER, benannt wohl nach dem Film von 1974 über die Cuba-Krise, spielen einige Songs sehr punkig nach vorne, andere wiederum sind 7 Minuten lang und recht noisig.

Sluir kodge Noise Punk aus Brüssel, Belgien. Bei Missiles of October geht es direkt laut und Frontal los und damit wird die Band sogleich ihrer Genreeinordnung gerecht.
Nebenbei, wie kommt man auf die Idee diese Genres miteinander zu vermengen? Mir war Sludge und Noise bisher losgelöst vom Punk bekannt, doch hier in der Mischung kommt die Musik einfach ordentlich frisch und wild rüber.
Better Days
Mir kommen hier verschiedene Metalprojekte in den Sinn, vor allem aber Nailbomb, dem kurzlebigen Projekt von Max Cavalera, damals Sepultura. In die Richtung geht es hier irgendwie von der Stimmung her, wenn auch nicht so konfus wie Nailbomb dereinst.
Aber irgendwie passt mir das hier gerade doch gut mit Nailbomb zusammen was Missles of October hier abliefern. Wild, ungestüm, einfach direkt da, ausrasten und die Musik einfach lebendig werden lassen.
Mein Fazit: Wer es laut und wild, frei und nach vorne gehend mag wird hier bei Missles of October genau richtig sein.
Die Musik der Band aus Brüssel ist ein wenig ungewöhnlich, vor allem weil sie machen wozu sie Lust haben und sich zwischen Genres sich bewegen die nun vielleicht nicht sogleich zusammenzupassen scheinen, aber sich hier in der Mischung mehr als gut zusammen machen.
Hört also einfach bei Missles of October rein und lasst euch von der Band und ihrer Musik überzeugen. Nutzt dazu beispielsweise einfach den Onlinestream weiter unten. Es lohnt sich, finde ich.

Περυσινό album-άκι αλλά απολύτως συγχρονισμένο με το μήνα Οκτώβριο, το Better Days των Βέλγων Missiles of October είναι πολυσυλλεκτικό. Κι όμως ναι, δεν το περίμενα αλλά βρήκα πολλά διάφορα πραματούδια εκεί μέσα. Στο report διάβασα κάτι για sludge και ο συλλογισμός μου πήγε κατευθείαν στους Eyehategod και το ψυχωτικά βαλτώδες στυλ τους. Νόμιζα πως στα περίπου 35 θα μου βγει η ψυχούλα μιας και το συγκεκριμένο είδος δεν είναι και το καλύτερό μου.
Τελικά σε αυτή την τελευταία τους κυκλοφορία (έχουν προηγηθεί ένα ακόμη album και 3 EP) οι Βέλγοι επιδεικνύουν το πόσο δεμένη μπάντα είναι από τον ικανοποιητικό αριθμό των live που έχουν κάνει αλλά μέχρι εκεί. Οι συνθέσεις έχουν ψήγματα sludge, punk rock, αλλά και κάποιους post-punk ρυθμούς και σε αυτό βοηθάνε και τα στραμπουληγμένα φωνητικά από το μπασίστα και τον κιθαρίστα που κάνουν ένα ωραίο vocal δίδυμο.
Οι ίδιοι παραδέχονται πως έχουν επηρεαστεί από μπάντες όπως οι Black Flag, Helmet, Jesus Lizzard και όντως βρίσκεις αρκετές πινελιές από τις παραπάνω μπάντες όπως για παράδειγμα στο εναρκτήριο State Of Crisis και στο No Brain No Attitude. Γενικά πάνω κάτω σε όλα τα τραγούδια τους τα οποία, όπως ανέφερα και παραπάνω, δείχνουν πως η μπάντα καταβάλλει μεγάλη προσπάθεια για να μην βαρεθείς.
Δε θα τρελαθείς με τους Missiles of October, ούτε θα τους σιχαθείς. Οι Missiles of October είναι κάπου στη μέση, σε μια ουδέτερη και γκρίζα ζώνη. Γκριζωπή όπως και οι στίχοι τους και η όλη ατμόσφαιρα του album τους, θολή από τα αμέτρητα τσιγάρα και ζαλισμένη από το φθηνό αλκοόλ.

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Anarchy On The Airwaves #14 02/04/2018


released October 17, 2016


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Missiles of October Bruxelles, Belgium

Stoner punk sludge noise rock band from Brussels - Belgium

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