Body EP (2014)

by Missiles of October

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Missiles of October are:
Lionel Beyet: bass & scream
Bob Seytor: drums
Mathias Salas: guitar & scream

All songs and texts by Missiles of October
Recorded november 2013 at Brussels, Belgium by Yves Vranckx
Mixed & Mastered december 2013 - January 2014 by Loïc Beyet & Nicolas Beyet
Artwork by Sisca Locca

Thanks to our loves, families and friends for support,
Special thanks to Yves, Nicolas, Loïc and Sisca Locca for their precious help.
Thanks to Tim Dingleberry, Alastair At War and Bertrand Bonobo for co produce this record!

EXTRA SPECIAL Thanks to Loïc Garlic.Wav and Nicolas Ne555 for their remix and sound work!

"Dead Body" is originaly release in debut LP + CD Digipack "Don't Panic" (2014)
On Dingleberry rds (De) / POGO rds (Fr/Be) / Bonobo Stomp (fr) and At war with false noise rds (Uk)

"Wanna be" have been recorded live 15.12.12: Brussels @ Garcia Lorca

CD Digipack + digital available 28 march 2014
LP Vynil available 5 may 2014


DBR 058!/pages/Dingleberry-records-and-distribution/118743564850504?fref=ts


POGO 055

01.03.14: Brussels @ Garcia Lorca + Fraü Blucher + 1,2,3,4's + Les Slugs
28.03.14: Kortrijk (Be) @ The Pit's + Cellophane Suckers (De)
29.03.14: Mönchengladbach (de) @ Blunoise studio + Nicoffeine + Don vito + Clarkys bacon
06.04.14: Waregem Gasolina + Lucky Funeral (Gr)
08.04.14 : Mechelen (Be) @ Panique D'o + Lucky Funeral (gr)

18.04.14 : Germany - Koln-dusseldorf - HELP
19.04.14 : Mainz (De) @ Haus Mainusch (org. 1000 travels to Noise)
20.04.14 : Weikersheim (De) @ Club W71 + Simon Chainsaw
21.04.14 : Germany - wurzburg - nurnberg - Munich ? - HELP
22.04.14: Leipzig @ Dr. Seltsam
23.04.14 : Dannenberg (De) @ Raum2EV
24.04.14 : Berlin (De) @ Tiefgrund + Guest
25.04.14 : Schwarzenberg (De) @ Unanbeatbar + The Breed (cz)
26.04.14 : Help

17.05.14: Lille (fr) @ Dame C + guest
23.05.14: Bruxelles, BE @ Bright Side Factory + Frau Blücher and the drünken horses
24.05.14 : Vierves-sur-Viroin (Be) @ Le Cheval Déchaîné + Frau Blücher and the drünken
06.06.13: Giessen (De) @ ak44 + jack and the bearded fishermen
07.06.14: Koblenz (De) @ Apparat
04.09.14: Bruxelles @ Magasin4 + Dÿse + Vandal X
25.10.14: Florennes @ Le Passage Oublié - Metal Corporation Festival


This is a review of another recording from Missiles Of October which continues their mixture of post hardcore, noise rock and sludge metal with one new song being on the recording and 2 re-mixes and a live track from the first extended play with this ep being called 'body" and released by Pogo Records.
A 90's style hardcore style sound starts off the ep before slowing down and adding in screams and more sludge and noise rock elements and the solos the band use this time around are in a very dark and melodic vein and they also bring in a mixture of slow and mid paced parts into the songs.
The 2 following tacks are re-mixed versions of songs that where presented on the first ep and the bass guitars have a very powerful presence on the 2 tracks as well as some ambient sounds being utilized in the background as well as traces of other electronic music styles and they close the ep with a live track.
Missiles Of October continue the sound that was present on the first ep as well as doing a few re-mixes and this is something that was released as a sample before the full length finally came out, the production sounds very professional, while the lyrics cover dark, addictions and alcohol themes.
In my opinion this is another great sounding recording from Missiles Of October and if you are a fan of sludge, post hardcore and noise rock, you should check out this ep. RECOMMENDED TRACK "Dead Body". 8 out of 10.



released March 17, 2014



all rights reserved


Missiles of October Bruxelles, Belgium

Stoner punk sludge noise rock band from Brussels - Belgium
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