Don't Panic (2014)

by Missiles of October

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A5_Wannabe 05:31
B2_Six pack 02:52
B3_Addiction 03:50
B4_Dead body 03:12


DBR 058!/pages/Dingleberry-records-and-distribution/118743564850504?fref=ts
---> BERLIN:






Missiles of October are:
Lionel Beyet: bass & scream
Bob Seytor: drums
Mathias Salas: guitar & scream

All songs and texts by Missiles of October
Recorded november 2013 at Brussels, Belgium by Yves Vranckx
Mixed & Mastered december 2013 - January 2014 by Loïc Beyet & Nicolas Beyet
Artwork by Sisca Locca

Thanks to our loves, families and friends for support,
Special thanks to Yves, Nicolas, Loïc and Sisca Locca for their precious help. Thanks to Tim Dingleberry, Alastair At War and Bertrand Bonobo for co produce this record!

01.03.14: Brussels (Be) @ Garcia Lorca + Fraü Blucher + 1,2,3,4's + Les Slugs
28.03.14: Kortrijk (Be) @ The Pit's + Cellophane Suckers (De)
29.03.14: Mönchengladbach (de) @ Blunoise studio + Nicoffeine + Don vito + Clarkys bacon
19.04.14 : Mainz (De) @ Haus Mainusch (org. 1000 travels to Noise)
20.04.14 : Weikersheim (De) @ Club W71 + Simon Chainsaw
21.04.14 : day off
22.04.14: Leipzig @ Dr. Seltsam - cancelled
23.04.14 : Dannenberg (De) @ Raum2EV
24.04.14 : Berlin (De) @ Tiefgrund + Guest
25.04.14 : Schwarzenberg (De) @ Unanbeatbar + The Breed (cz)
26.04.14 : Bruxelles(Be) @ Rock classic + Alright the Captain + Cheap Jazz
17.05.14: Lille (fr) @ Dame C + guest
23.05.14: Bruxelles (Be) @ Bright Side Factory + Frau Blücher and the drünken horses
24.05.14 : Vierves-sur-Viroin (Be) @ Le Cheval Déchaîné + Frau Blücher and the drünken
06.06.13: Giessen (De) @ ak44 + jack and the bearded fishermen
07.06.14: Koblenz (De) @ Jam club
11.07.14: Liege (Be) @ Barbantes festival
12.07.14 : Tubize (Be) @ Punk Ünd Broll Fest
04.09.14: Bruxelles @ Magasin4 + Dÿse + Vandal X
04.10.14: Gent (Be) @ 't landhuis + The Fur + Grant National
11.10.14: Florennes (Be) @ Le Passage Oublié - Metal Corporation Festival
18.10.14 : Bruxelles v @ garcia lorca + Hot For Doom + Chugalug + The Butcher's Rodeo (orga Frolik productions)
08.11.14: Bastogne (Be) @ Rock n'oldies + Frau Blücher and the drünken horses
21.11.14: Mons (Be) Phoenix + Les spritz + LCDP

31.01.15 : Lille (Fr) @ el diablo + Frau Blücher + vernissage
04.04.15 : Laeken (Be) @ Cité culture
15.05.15 : Roubaix (Fr) @ Bar live + The Lumberjack feedback
30.05.15: Bruxelles (Be) @ Garcia Lorca + 3 more
13.06.15: Bastogne (Be) @ Rock'n'Oldies
11.07.15: Drogenbos @ Punk n' broll festival II
23.09.15: Bruxelles @ Magasin4 + PHILM
02.10.15: La Louviere @ Taverne du theatre + 2
10.10.15: Charleroi @ Taverne des Anges + Rockus Pokus
17.10.15: Paris @ Picolo
16.01.16: Mönchengladbach (De) @ STÖHR SOUND
30.01.16: Florennes (Be) @ Metal Corporation Festival
29.03.16: Bruxelles (Be) @ MentalFM - Os à Moelle
02.04.16: Bruxelles (Be) @ Garcia Lorca
28.04.16: Anvers @ Music City + Herida Profunda
29.04.16: La Louviere @ Café des arts + OSMQ
06.05.16: Louvain @ corps & logis + Daikiri
14.05.16: Gent @ de Klein
20.05.16: Liege @ Garage
11.06.16: Angouleme (fr) @ Bonobo Fest + ...


Efficace. Le mot me vient instinctivement à l’écoute de Don’t Panic. Il s’agit du premier LP de Missiles of October à paraître le 28 mars sur Pogo Records. Les Belges ont taillé leur son dans le granit: c’est lourd, rugueux et fougueux. Fougueux, par ce qu’il y a un peu de folie chez nos voisins du Nord. Sous couvert d’une imagerie guerrière, d’un nom et d’un son massif, ils ne vont pas nous la faire à l’envers… Y’a de la joie, bonjour, bonjour les hardcoreux. Y’a de la joie et un sacré boxon dans le son. Vous savez, ce joyeux bazar organisé synonyme de grosse prise de plaisir. Risqué ? Non, communicatif. Le tout est soutenu par un chant combatif à la Henry Rollins, mais en plus glaireux. Le titre Six Pack est-il une allégeance au maître ? Taire cette filiation serait vous trahir. N’empêche que les Bruxellois s’en sortent plutôt bien dans l’exercice qui consiste à faire sonner d’un bloc des influences noise, hardcore’80 et stoner. On le doit certainement au parcours de chacun des membres, des activistes de la première heure. Bob Seytor a joué dans Contingent, 1st punk-band de l’histoire de la Belgique et Lionel Beyet dirige le label indé P.O.G.O. records depuis 1993.

Blasting out of Brussels, this bunch caught my attention as their new album is named for a Douglas Adams quote: Don’t Panic. Whether this is a coincidence or not, I don’t know, but either way it got me to their bandcamp page for a listen.
I was flicking through some previous reviews and somewhere they’ve been labelled hardcore punk. I’m not sure that’s what I’d go with. I’d definitely put them more into the metal bracket than punk, and sound-wise the first thing that I thought of while listening to the album’s title track was… Nuclear Assault. But slowed down.
Will someone please corroborate that so I don’t confirm that I’m off my rocker? I think it’s the vocals more than anything else – they’re not dissimilar to John Connelly’s in places. Musically, things are heavy rather than thrash-tastic, so I can see how “hardcore” would come into it.

This is available as a CD or LP as well as a digital download but whatever medium you choose to listen to it on you must play these songs LOUD. This is a cross between Motorhead, Rise Against and We Were Promised Jet Packs. It's that mix of older AFI with Mudhoney as it is heavily distorted and very much on the verge of metal.
I'm not sure if I'd consider it a pure sense of metal, though it does tend to lean that way, but there are those elements as well of hardcore. As much as this is A Perfect Murder it can be Sick Of It All or Suicidal Tendencies.
Perhaps one of my biggest problems with this genre of music that combines metal and hardcore is that too many bands in it end up sounding the same and they all just sort of blend together. The good bands- the best ones in this genre- always find a way to stand out. Missiles of October has found that way to stand out and if I had to pinpoint what it is exactly that makes them stand out to me it's just that this music is so raw.

(...) Now, first off, technically there are a few different genres going on here. Missiles of October play more of the hardcore variety of punk, with a nice dose of sludge layered over top. It should have been pretty obvious this wasn’t the typical old school you’d expect from the cover, as any AK references, with a girl even, equals a bit more roughness, but Don’t Panic is somewhat surprising. Once the album begins, Missiles of October don’t spend much time altering the main flow of each track, but there’s very little replication going on, as most punk is want to do. Once they catch the main riff, they vary it only slightly, for the most part. They’ll toss out some solos, they’ll speed it up, but the main catch in each track is like a hook covered in several reverse barbs, and that thing ain’t coming out of there easily. And that bass, oh yes sir. We’re not talking about the usual meekness you find in a lot of punk, Lionel (also on vocals) has some real density to his bass; turn it up and feel it, it rolls smoothly out of the speakers but yet covers you thicker than swamp mud. Just tasty, that bass.
Don’t Panic, as a whole, is one of the better listens we’ve heard from front to back for a punk release. Most of the time bands of this type crash and burn in a few tracks, spending too much time on image or giving one too many ois, because the style often relies too much on simplicity. But Missiles of October have simplicity figured the right way; they aren’t too concerned with melting minds, they catch a grind and tear it as long as possible. With the drums more beat-focused, except when they speed up in certain sections, these guys provide what is nearly a perfect listen, except for those vocals. This is the second time in the past week we’ve encountered this issue, but here it was less of a problem. Punk by virtue of expectation usually works on yelling tones, but though you get that here there’s a strange croak to the delivery. Considering the crush of the music, what you’d expect would be more crust, more screaming, more of the vulgar, there’s just something lacking in the way he presents himself, and sometimes the lyrics are a bit detrimental because of how they’re delivered, they’re almost laughable at certain moments. Listen, choke down some razor blades so next time we find our pants soiled, that’s really what this needed.

Without wishing to set alarm bells ringing, Missiles of October couldn’t have arrived at a more appropriate time considering the political turmoil that is escalating in a number of countries right now. Judging by the raging intensity of their debut album ‘Don’t Panic’, one can surmise that there are a few issues this three-piece band wish to get off their chest. While such matters may not be of a political nature, the topics on offer are equally sensitive and concern problems associated with addiction, loss and general dissatisfaction with everyday living. Plying a scuzzy slab of punk rock fused with elements of metal and hardcore, Missiles of October project forth an intense racket that is best served by the likes of ‘Wannabe’ with its skewered guitars and the abrasive surface of the white-hot ‘Cheerleader’. Such examples are complemented by ‘Two Feet In Sludge’, which gives a rather fine impression of wading through a quagmire with its guitars deep in the mire and lead vocal struggling to remain above the surface, topped off by the tight rhythm and murky tone of ‘Dance With Me’. Missiles of October is certainly raging at the various inequalities felt and struggles associated with such disparities, but there is also a sense of biding their time in order to transmit their frustrations in the most effective manner as suggested by the overall title of this body of work.

Don’t Panic by Brussels-based three-piece sludge punk band Missiles of October was just plain loud from the moment I started playing the album. It was a shear volume attack, and, coming from someone who likes to play everything at full volume, that is saying a lot.
Missiles of October’s Facebook page describes this band perfectly in three words: “LOUD, DIRTY & ANGRY!!!” And, from what we have here on this album, I would say their mission has been accomplished.
I must confess, I don’t generally like the whole sludge punk genre. However, there is something rather great about this simple, all-out attack style this band has that I do enjoy. It is just straight up ballsy, which I do imagine would make them great fun in a live setting.
There are some catchy moments on this album; the riff to “Dance With Me” is the type of riff that is simple, a real ear worm that could very easily get stuck in your head for days. Also, the real punk-style vocal goes really well in what the band does as a whole. Overall, their sound very much makes me think of the likes of Mondo Generator. If you are a fan, I do think you will like Missiles of October as well.
Unfortunately, for me, they are very much something I would have to be in the mood for, though I would like to see their live show as I think on stage they would be great fun. For my tastes, I find their music a little too simple and the riffs repetitive, sometimes for minutes at a time. I like a good bit of variation in a band’s music and I just don’t hear that here.
In closing, I really love the attitude of the band and the ‘take no prisoners’ feel their music puts across. Again, I would like to see them live. However, the verse riff/chorus riff/repeat approach makes me feel there is something lacking. For this reason, I give this album a 6 out of 10.

"This was submitted by the band, and if my sketchy memory serves, I'm pretty sure I had it in the queue ready to post at some point. But somewhere along the way I spaced out, and forgot to do so. So here's to fixing shit.
So Missiles of October (Bruxelles, Belgium) lay it down and blow you away from the git go! Loud, angry, dirty, sludgy with some hardcore overtones! Gruff vocals, and chunky, Helmet-like riffs bash you over and over, as each new track continues an assault as soon as the previous track ends.
And when track 10 "Dead Body" starts a-chug-a-chugging, tell me you can't help comparing Judas Priest "You Got Another Thing Comin". Yeah!!. Get your armor and hotties with artillery, its time for battle!! "

Band of the Day: Missiles of October
Mosh Band of the Day
Missiles of October - Don't PanicBlasting out of Brussels, this bunch caught my attention as their new album is named for a Douglas Adams quote: Don’t Panic. Whether this is a coincidence or not, I don’t know, but either way it got me to their bandcamp page for a listen.
I was flicking through some previous reviews and somewhere they’ve been labelled hardcore punk. I’m not sure that’s what I’d go with. I’d definitely put them more into the metal bracket than punk, and sound-wise the first thing that I thought of while listening to the album’s title track was… Nuclear Assault. But slowed down.
Will someone please corroborate that so I don’t confirm that I’m off my rocker? I think it’s the vocals more than anything else – they’re not dissimilar to John Connelly’s in places. Musically, things are heavy rather than thrash-tastic, so I can see how “hardcore” would come into it.

Now, this is a strange combination we have here. We didn't really know what to make of it, Serge decided I should hive it a go and it took several listens to understand what this is about. Seeing as it is a joint venture release between 4 labels, it seems that the labels didn't really know what to make of it as well. Although I am probably wrong there, because At War With False Noise, for example, has an exceptional ear for quality stuff..
I'm really torn between liking this a lot and finding it irritating as hell. Even after a few listens I don't know how to make my mind up about it. For example, the first time I found the accent (Missiles Of October are French speaking Belgians, from Brussels) on the vocals extremely annoying. The second time I forced myself to not pay attention to that and realised they remind me a lot of those black metal / thrash metal hybrids like Infernö, Aura Noir, Nocturnal Breed, Gehennah and stuff like that. And I found them extremely cool, effective and powerful. So, great right? No, because now I'm at my 4th session and now I'm irritated by some of the silly, juvenile lyrics ("Six pack of beer! I'm happy! Six pack of beer! I feel like I'm on fire!")..
Musically it's the same. One moment I hear a brilliant mix of the above mentioned 'black thrash' bands and Helmet (just listen to the track 'Wannabe' and you'll hear what I mean), the next some of the poor sounding drumparts piss me off. But then another song, and those drums stir up a great sounding rhythm! I. Just. Don't. Know. What. To. Make. Of. This. And it's driving me crazy. It's likeable as much as it is infuriating. It's as clever as it is blunt sometimes. Some parts sound like crap and some sound just absolutely brilliant. The vocals are great, but they have an annoying accent. I kind of want to hate this, but then the next listen I find it a bit irresistible. I hear black metal, thrash metal, mathcore, hardcore, punk, rock n roll, noiserock, all at once.
So yeah, if you ever wandered what the babies, conceived durening an unprotected sex orgy between Unsane, Aura Noir, Helmet and Nocturnal Breed would sound like give Missiles Of October a go. Prepare to be irritated, confused, annoyed, elated and pleasantly surprised. All at the same time. Björn

A band that hails form Belgium today… I know lots of bands that are originally from this country, but I believe I know more beers, as I love them. I should correct this, as one of the first bands that “got” me into Extreme Metal about twenty year ago was a band from Belgium. Well, I digress, it’s too late here, I have worked all day long, can’t sleep, so I decided to listen to Missiles of October one more time and share my thoughts about the album, but, first, a little bit about them, as stated in the band’s official biography: Missiles of October is a Belgian band formed in beginning of 2012 by: Bob Seytor, Mathias Salas and Lionel Beyet. These 3 there play a dirty rock, heavy and powerful! sludge vs punk vs noise rock! for fans of Unsane, Les thugs, Mc Lusky, Unwound… In +/- 50 crazy gigs (in less than one year) in Belgium, Netherlands, France and Germany , they get an impressive live reputation.
I think it’s always a must for a person that is going to share their opinions about an album to listen to it several times, five, seven times and one more while typing your review. And I say this in order for us not to be unfair to the bands. Look at the case of Missiles of October, at first; I thought that it was a nice album, but almost a bit generic, not of my taste. But when I heard it for more times, I freaking loved it; it’s, in my humble opinion, of course, an outstanding release composed of a dirty and powerful noise, sludge, punk and metal blend. It’s sooo good! The music is fast, heavy, well-composed, thrilling, lively, provocative and impressive.
I only imagine how one of Missiles of October concert must be, as the music doesn’t let you keep yourself quiet, it runs in you like an electric shock, simply overwhelming. With annihilating riffs, blast-beasts, dirty screaming vocals (just a bit hardcorish), they create an atmosphere of decay, but also of truthfulness and criticism. Hell, one of the aspects of this album that I also find very interesting is the fact that the song titles represents the music/ song feelings so well. A vicious and furious release that surely needs and deserves to be heard by more list
The production of the album is very, very good, nothing to be observed here other this, I believe. And now the only remaining words are the ones I’m always adding on my reviews/ thoughts: please, check this band, they’re, in my modest view, outstanding, and if you enjoy their music, help Missiles of October with what you are able to. Can’t purchase an album? Spread the word about them… all help is welcomed. Until next time.
Grade: 9,5/10

Panik kriecht den Nacken hoch. Die urbane rohe Kraft und selbstzerstörerische Handlungen ergeben ein brutales Wechselspiel in Zeitlupentempo. Und dennoch wirkt diese Kraft geordnet und in sicheren Bahnen gelenkt, setzt die Rasierklinge an die Kehle an, ohne sie durchzuschneiden. Die nihilistischen destruktiven Ansätze entfalten eine maximale Power, die das Zusammenwirken von Körper und Geist, Gefühl und Verstand, Kraft und Entspannung aber auch Leere verstärken. MISSILES OF OCTOBER wirken auf das Wohlbefinden ein und überwinden moralische Instanzen mit psychisch ruinierten Rhythmen. Für Menschen ohne Esprit und Lichtblick ist es das reinste Gift. Die Folgen sind generelle Unlust am Dasein, das Gefühl eines allgemeinen "Umsonst", Resignation und Passivität. "Become an asshole". Ganz bewusst verdichten MISSILES ON OCTOBER das vernunftbegabte Denken und legen die Diskrepanzen zwischen ICH und Über-Ich frei, die bislang gut verborgen schlummerten. Und so nimmt das Verhängnis seinen Lauf. Düster und bedrohlich, angstbesetzt und mit wenigen Akkorden entwickelt die Destruktivität eine Dynamik, in der Perspektiven, Lebensformen, Denkstile Tribut gezollt wird. Übrig bleibt "music for hangover", die geprägt ist von Einfachheit, Differenzen, Widersprüchen, Gegensätzen und blanke Aggression.

E aqui está, o álbum de estreia do power trio belga que nos apresenta uma mistura de punk/hardcore, com metal e até um certo rock noise experimental e alternativo. O tema título revela um pouco disto em relação à identidade, com um tema que poderia ter sido feito no final da década de noventa que ninguém estranharia. O som algo estranho exige algumas audições por parte do ouvinte, onde uma malha como a "Music For Hangover" pode enjoar logo à primeira pelo uso do mesmo riff sem variação drante quatro minutos, mas depois vai-se entranhando até que fica a martelar na cabeça mesmo depois da música parar.
Apesar do groove, elemento comum a todos os temas, não é fácil encarrilhar com a frequência em que os Missiles Of October, sendo que provavelmente muitos destes misseis falhem o álbum como na batalha naval. Ainda assim, há um certo encanto que a banda belga espalha que poderá tornar-se irresistível e que fará com que se volte mais vezes, mas para isso é mesmo necessário que se esteja espírito aberto e talvez seja essa a parte difícil. Faltam aqui ganchos para que o ouvinte fique imediatamente fisgado e esse é capaz de ser o grande handicap desta estreia. Esse e as vozes de Lionel Beyet (também baixista) e de Mathias Salas (também guitarrista), que acabam por ser demasiado unidimensionais.
A segunda metade do álbum revela-se mais explosiva e expansiva, mas não muda o sentimento geral deste "Don't Panic". Música que precisa de ser apreciada aos poucos e com cautela. Um pouco de distracção poderá fazer com que seja imediatamente posto de lado, o que além de ser uma pena, seria bastante injusto. Noise rock como há muito não se ouvia e a fazer lembrar instrumentalmente os nossos Mão Morta, se estes usassem bem mais distorção. A voz de Adolfo até que não ficava nada mal aqui. Sonhos à parte, "Don't Panic" é uma estreia que vale a pena conhecer.

La banda apuesta por un estilo hardcore con influencias punk que en algunos momentos pueden recordar a bandas como Sick Of It All o Black Flag, entre otras. Destacan especialmente temas contundentes como "Don't Panic", "Wannabee" y "Dance With Me" donde la banda muestra todo su potencial y que podréis escuchar en nuestra sección de Discografía.

Hello, this is the first day of September that it really felt like Autumn. Apart from that we’ re back today with yet another review. We’ ve got some really cool stuff for you, this time from Belgium. Missiles of October is a three piece band from Bruxelles. Back in March they released ”Don’ t Panic” Lp. Lionel, who is also the band’ s bassist, sent us a message requesting a review. So we decided to listen to their album. This is their latest release. Eleven tracks are included in this album. Their sound could be described as a blend of hardcore punk and metal. As for their lyrics, you can see that they are punk rock oriented. Their music will bring you to mind bands like Black Flag and Sick of it All. Really nice groove can be found here along with a lot of cool beatdown parts. One can also appreciate their singer’s vocals. I liked the fact that they sound really old-school. I singled out three really awesome tracks. These are ”Don’t Panic”, ”Wannabee” and ”Dance with Me”. This is music that is meant to be heard loud. Your neighbors are not going to like that but there is no other way. In my attempt to reach a conclusion i would have to say that this is a nice release. If you’ re looking for a powerful punk album to listen to you will be fully satisfied. This album will not change the way you perceive music. But you’ re gonna bang your head really hard to many of its songs.

Top 5 indie tracks of the week: "Rex Manning Day music blog"!

"...Don’t panic est viscéral, primitif et diabolique. Un album vivant et cruellement addictif...."
complete review here:

"I will be honest. It took a while for Missiles of October to grow on me. At first I was taken aback by the sheer volume of noise in “Don’t Panic”. The album opens with the identically titled song as the debut album. Instantaneously we are hit with this heavy and powerful guitar and drum combo. At 0:29 blood curdling vocals are released into the air waves. “Don’t Panic” is followed by “Music For Hangover” providing us with two outcomes. Either your hangover will ease or worsen. In “Two Feet In Sludge” Missiles of October climb out of the chaos and unleash an array of hatred for the society which imprisons us. At two minutes recording time “Become An Asshole” is the shortest track on “Don’t Panic” but it certainly conveys a message and achieves its point. “Wannabe” falls in line with the style of previous songs; ultimate noise rock.
Tone and pace quickens in “Cheerleaders”. It sticks out to me as drums and beats are louder. “Addiction” is a catchy tune once you get into the music. The album closes with “You Pray A World Of Shit”. To conclude, “Don’t Panic” by Missiles of October sets its own boundaries and its own limits within the musical realm. Missiles of October obtain a punk attitude with a very direct and forceful approach. They are true hardcore rockers who are not afraid to release vulgarity through their song titles and lyrics. Loud, dirty and angry, “Don’t Panic” stands for freedom of expression. In order to truly appreciate the ambience of their music, one might have to attend a live performance. “Don’t Panic” is made for the stage and mosh pits are a necessity."

Missiles of October is sort of an “all star”band with some known folks like Bob Seytor (Contingent/Walpurgis), Mathias Salas (Rotyes) & Lionel Beyet (No Hope For All) and bring us dirty heavy hardcore rock that borders on punk and intakes some of its influences. To me it feels like Stoner-rock where the clean vocals were replaced with some grunty ones and a touch of hardcore was added.
The full length “Don’t panic" contains 11 songs which all have a “filthy raw” feel and a high headbanging level to it, Very hard to sit/stand still if you’re listening to this stuff. Seeing these guys live must be a party!
The Body Ep is kind of a single for the full length, it contains 4 songs, Dead Body which also appears on the full length, 2 remixes and a live-song. The remix of “Music for Hangover” has a kinda Jazzy-feel to it, where the remix of Addiction has a dance-groove to it which only shows the diversity of these gentlemen.

(...) Don't Panic is their first LP-11 tracks in a pure hardcore,heavy monster sound with punk influences all packed in a frenchy attitude. They have shared the stage with a lot of underground acts and for sure is something not to be missed. Also check them on Pogo records and on their facebook and listen as well to their EP-Music For
Hangover. cheers!

Missiles Of October is precisely what you need to play loudly as you creep slowly through a traffic jam and you will find the palpable mood of mutual frustration amongst your fellow protagonists shifts to a nod of agreement as you are given headway to make progress. Unthreatening, yet sympathetic of the chaos surrounding.
What marks Missiles Of October out from the many antagonist rock vehicles that exist, is their cohesion – none of the candour is displaced, merely they are able to deliver it without flecks of asinine spittle dribbling down their faces.
Most certainly a band to get to know and one which I look forward to hearing much more of in the future.

Joder, qué buen disco! Y qué buena banda. Desafiantes, arremetiendo contra todo lo que está quieto, estancado, contra el conservadurismo vacío e insensato, estos belgas escupen bilis y rabia con energía desbordante desde el primer track, esa genial canción que da nombre al disco, hasta el cierre con "You Pray for a World Of Shit". En todo lo que dura el disco los belgas no hacen otra cosa que rebelarse contra todo y contra todos. Cada canción es un verdadero misil, sin la necesidad de recurrir a ritmos extremadamente veloces ni perder de vista la melodía. Pero la melodía es algo secundario aquí, es un argumento que usan sólo en determinados momentos, y con intenciones de darle algo de frescura a un disco en donde la bronca lo es todo. Es que desde que comienzan, estos salvajes atacan tocando sus instrumentos con una furia enorme, tirando acordes que se convierten en riffs sencillos pero aniquiladores. Las bases golpean ahí, en los huesos, y los pulverizan. Eligen los medio-tempos como ritmos predominantes, pero esos ritmos duelen y sacuden como si fueran blast beats. La voz grita y motiva a comenzar el caos ya, ahora mismo. No hay instante alguno en este disco en el que el oyente no sienta deseos de establecer un quiebre interno, una ruptura con el propio ser, y dejar de lado el anquilosamiento que nos frena, que nos lleva a comportarnos de manera conformista y morigerada, para sacar de adentro al rebelde que nunca debe morir. "Don't Panic" es la necesidad de sacudir la modorra y decir Basta, de matar al estúpido masificado y dejar fluir al individuo que hace lo que quiere, al rebelde.
¿La música? No sé, pero si les digo que esto suena a cruza entre Unsane, Killing joke y Black Flag no estoy muy errado. Pero lo mejor que pueden hacer es comprar este disco y escucharlo. Y si mientras lo escuchan deciden salir a la calle y comenzar una revuelta, me avisan, ok? Eso sí, traten de llamarme luego de que haya terminado de escuchar este gran, gran disco.

I’ll admit, this one took a little while to win me over. It’s not that this is some immense prog-rock opus that took several spins for me to take everything in – far from it – but rather, something about Don’t Panic, the first album by Belgian punks Missiles Of October, took a while to really get a hold of me. As time has gone on and I’ve given the record more time, I’m glad I did, as this is a dirty, vicious, nasty record, and is pretty damn good.
Missiles Of October are a three-piece containing veterans of a good number of bands, and they play in a style that is instantly recognisable, but hard to pin down exactly. There’s the influence of several styles in their sound, with a huge punk attitude to the record, and more than a hint of really early hardcore and a very strong bass-heavy sound. There’s a bit more to it than that though, with a sludge feel at points, a strong noise rock influence (think Unsane etc.), and maybe even a hint of The Jesus Lizard and early Killing Joke. It’s a pretty effective combination, and for the most part moves along at a mid-tempo pace, heavy without being oppressively so, with occasional moments that add texture and a little variation, such as a short guitar solo mid-way through “Become An Asshole”, and more up-tempo tracks such as “Cheerleader”.
Those core building blocks of the band’s sound are also why I struggled to get in to Don’t Panic at first, though. The riffs are pretty repetitive in a way that makes me think of Killing Joke, and it can take a good few listens for some of the nuances to make themselves known. There’s some songs where it works better than others. “Six Pack” (not a Black Flag cover, as might be expected) is a great example of how well it can work, especially when the guitars change oh-so slightly whilst the bass maintains its singular riff, and the feedback based solo is awesome. By comparison, “Wannabe” is not quite as good; it’s not a bad song, but it is that bit too long to be as good as it perhaps could have been.
But what can’t be over-stated is just how catchy these songs are. Since first hearing the album, almost all of these songs have been stuck in my head at one point or other, and in a way that I don’t mind them buzzing around my brain. It might seem strange to describe such a heavy and blatantly aggressive album as catchy, but there’s no avoiding it – these songs have hooks, and the vocals, as hoarse and raw as they are, will have some of the lyrics popping in to your head throughout the day. And if you’re worried that means Don’t Panic has pop leanings, just remember that it has song titles like “Dead Body”, “Become An Asshole”, “Two Feet In Sludge”, “Music For Hangover”, and “You Pray A World Of Shit”, and each one fits the sound and feel of the music superbly.
As such, this is an album that might require a few spins to really get in to, but it’s well worth the time spent doing so. Don’t Panic is dirty, loud, and nasty, and well worth your time.

Belgian band named after the Cuban Missile Crisis is not something you hear every day. Nor are they the only outfit with that moniker—there’s also a soul/folk band from California that beat them to the domain name for Missiles of October. That being said, if it came down to an armed nuclear standoff, I’d take these hardcore punksters any day! (What the fuck is soul/funk anyhoo?)
This trio’s debut album contains such titles as “Music for Hangover,” “Two Feet in Sludge” and my personal favourite, “You Pray a World of Shit.” There’s a bit of a Black Flag influence here (mind you, track B2 “Six Pack” is NOT a cover), but I also hear some NYC noise rock in the vein of Unsane. It’s a little sloppy and rough around the edges, but hey, I’d much rather listen to this than the shit they torture prisoners with at Guantanamo Bay!

Are you ready to get loud, dirty, and angry!
Are you ready to trash your living room as a statement against consumption? Okay, maybe you won’t.
But still, we can pretend to be angry anarchists for at least 2:36, while we rock out to this very excellent song by Missiles of October. I often believe punk is dead, but as long as there’s a bunch of pissed off assholes thrashing their guitars, it will be somewhat alive.
Punk isn’t dead. It just smells funny.

Agressief, vettig maar vooral luid. Dit is het handelsmerk van het Brusselse Missiles Of October. Dit trio kwam aanzetten met hun nieuwste langspeler 'Don't Panic'. 11 nummers pure luidheid. Een stijl is er niet meteen op te plakken ondanks de verschillende invloeden die deze heren omarmen. Het meest omvangrijke is volgens mij toch wel de mengeling tussen punk en stoner. Niet meteen de meest gebruikte combinatie maar dat maakt dat Missiles Of October toch een nieuw lichtpuntje geven aan de omstreden genres. Ook instrumentaal en vocaal is er wat beter doorgedacht dan dat. Je kan er geen band uithalen die er echt hard op lijkt. Don't Panic? Een hard maar vooral nieuw plaatje van de Belgische uitvinders van stonerpunk.
score: 7,5/10

In Belgium at least they still have bands that have something to say and Missiles of October seem happy to demonstrate just that with their album “Don’t Panic” as they spit pure venom at the injustice and aggression to be found in this supposedly civilised world that serves as our cultural prison.
This is not a subtle album, nor would you expect it to be, in either approach or content but that is not to say that this is just musical brute force without purpose. The philosophers amongst you might well regard “Become an Asshole” as something of a curved ball that gains reflected power from its revelatory exploration of compliance and, even though the song is held together by every metal cliché in the book, it is a mark of quality that a band like Missiles of October can pull this off with such a lack of irony that the implied nihilism seems – almost - uplifting.
Then there is relentless fury unleashed in “Cheerleader” to consider. With misogyny and gender stereotyping brutally reversed within the lyrics, this song could well become something of a feminist anthem. “Dance with Me”, on the other hand, is the romantic song of the album with the theme of obsession, or at least obsession driven onwards and upward by the need to hot dip and consequently corrosion protect the metal structure needed to live with the undead, only this time the undead have clearly been liberated from a Jess Franco movie. Bringing the album to the end of the track is “You Pray a World of Shit” and, almost as if all hope is gone but the heart just won’t stop beating, Missiles of October reprise that all that has gone before. Powered by some concoction of nuclear power and disconnected humanity, this is a band that just won’t quit.
Rating: 4 / 5

"...They describe themselves as being “LOUD, DIRTY AND ANGRY!” After Rock Bandom listened to their music we were definitely inclined to agree…Awesome!!!!. Playing a massive 50 gigs in Belgium, Netherlands, France and Germany all in the space of a year. Now Missiles Of October have a very impressive following and their live reputation has been getting them some equally impressive reviews. After their EP ‘Hangover’ they have now gone on to release their first album ‘Don’t Panic’which is available for download now at Bandcamp. so make sure you go and check it out..."

Missiles Of October tire son premier long format après un EP qui avait éveillé la curiosité. Don't Panic est son nom et effectivement, pas de quoi prendre peur. Pourtant, on vous en voudrait pas. Le noise-punk du trio belge ne fait pas dans la dentelle, c'est du brutal, ça tire à vue et en rase-motte. Gravité des sonorités, lourdeur ferrailleuse, saleté et misère, Missiles of October n'est pas là pour la gaudriole et ne se présente pas en conquérants magnanimes. Mais leur tactique est vite compréhensible et la peur rapidement résorbée pour tomber dans un truc assez basique et carré. Pas d'entourloupe, pas de surprise. On peut donc envisager ce disque sous un angle punk-rock nihiliste à la Bastards. Des mecs hargneux, qui ne cherchent pas à faire les malins ou à inventer quelquechose et qui en ont rien à foutre d'ailleurs. Aucun état d'âme, piétiner les riffs, gueuler des mots crus et des titres explicites (Become An Asshole, You Pray a World of Shit, Two feet in Sludge) avec une voix au papier de verre, matraquer pour libérer la tension ensevelie sous la crasse journalière, le génie sera pour plus tard et plus sûrement pour jamais. A ce petit jeu là, Missiles Of October délivrent quelques beaux spécimens comme Cheerleadder, Music For Hangover (déjà présent sur Hangover et réenregistré pour l'occasion tout comme Wanna Be) ou le titre d'ouverture Don't Panic. Prime à l'efficacité. Ce disque peut aussi être envisagé sous un angle plus convenu. Le revers de la médaille. Titres peinant à décoller, une basse qui manque de mordant, un manque d'inspiration et de folie pour donner plus d'ampleur à cette approche terre à terre. La vérité se situe entre les deux. Entre des missiles qui font mouche et des missiles qui ont un peu trop tendance à passer au-dessus de la tête sans la faire lever. Pas de panique hélas mais on reste sur le qui-vive pour la suite.

Don’t Panic invites you to tuck and roll into a musical tide of dirty hardcore/punk/noise-rock that ebbs into a dark groove at exactly the right moments. The 3-piece formula invitingly lures the listener into a sonic drunken sailor stumble of noise and aggression, but will offer you a chair to kick your feet up with its intermittent sludge. The first track hooks with satisfyingly wretched vocals repeating “Don’t panic!”, contradicting the feeling of a quickening heartbeat and an ensuing chaos. Perpetuating a steadfast pace to comfortably ride out, the album is anchored by dark undulating melody, synchronized with an appropriate amount of ugent disorder. Listening to this album was like getting into a drunken fight with a burnout–crude, aggressive, maybe even slight irony–and just the right amount of danger without breaking a sweat. There’s a track in this album for any metal head to get into; even sludge and stoner fans may find what they’re looking for if they want to wake the fuck up but not feel beat in the face by a hammer. Although these guys manage to perpetuate a feeling of “I wanna break shit and piss on the ground,” I would suggest that the melodic sediment never fully settles to the bottom and impacts the album more than most traditional hardcore projects would feel comfortable to allow taking on such a predominant role.
~ Allie Nickel

This is the first full length from Missiles Of October with the band continuing their noise rock/sludge/post hardcore sound that was presented on the 2 ep's with the album being called "Don't Panic" and released by Pogo Records.
A very dark and heavy hardcore style sound starts off the album along with all of the musical instruments sounding very powerful and a few seconds later screaming vocals are added into the music along with more elements of sludge and post rock and you can also hear some punk influences in the music at times when the music speeds up a bit.
When guitar solos are added into the music it gives the album a more dark and melodic edge and as the album progresses the music sticks mostly to a low or mid paced direction and only speeding up in certain sections of the recording and the vocals also start getting more diverse with the screams and the second side of the album also shows the band going into a heavier direction.
Missiles of October continue their early 90's old school mixture of post hardcore, noise rock and sludge with this album as well as keeping around a very dark and heavy sound to t heir musical style, the production sound s very powerful while the lyrics cover dark, alcohol, and everyday themes.
In my opinion this is another great sounding recording from Missiles Of October and if you are a fan of post hardcore, noise rock and sludge, you should check out this album. RECOMMENDED TRACKS INCLUDE "Don't Panic" "Become An Asshole" "Six pack" and "You Pray A World Of Shit". 8 out of 10.

Blown away in all kinds of ways with this release. I know I’m like a mother bird sometimes, regurgitating for her young, but this is how you you do art for your music. First impressions count, hell I used to buy records based on their covers alone. I don’t know who did this art (obviously a master at creating emotion), but these boys from Bruxelles, Belgium know how to put a face on their music. So when I got around to listening to the actual tunes from Missles of October, my expectations where high, but I’ll be damned if these guys don’t deliver, a truckload of freaking sound. In the email I got from them, which was both in French and English, they didn’t waste a lot of time going on about themselves, it was mostly links to their tunes. I like that, let your music speak for you. Here’s the little bit they had to say,
“Missiles of October (Be) is a band formed in beginning of 2012 by:
Bob Seytor (from Rotyes, Contingent (1st punk belgium punk!!!), ex-Walpurgis),
Mathias Salas (Rotyes, Frau Blucher and the drunken horses, ex-galvanized),
Lionel Beyet ([P.U.T], ex-Monster Eaters, No Hope for All // Boss of P.O.G.O. records since 1993)
These 3 there play a dirty rock, heavy and powerful! sludge vs punk vs noise! for fans of Unsane, Les thugs, Mc Lusky, Unwound…”
I told myself (I talk to myself a lot) the other day that with these reviews, I was going to say a little something about how the band makes me feel. With these guys I feel hope, the kind some sort of revolutionary feels when fighting for a cause. These guys are the hope for modern hard music. You could probably put them under the greater hardcore umbrella, they are very aggressive, but they also have sort of a metallic Am Rep sound, if you can imagine that. Good solid musicians, hard hitting, mixing up the tempos. There’s some variety to the tunes, they don’t all sound the same, so it stays interesting from beginning to end. They are on Pogo Records, but you can buy this as a hard copy or digital from their Bandamp, where you can also download their previous ep for free, plus listen to your heart’s content.

11 Tracks, pretty heavy stuff, genre Black Flag Hardcore with a French accent. Roaring guitars, heavy drums, screaming, aggressivity and a punky attitude in the lyrics. Mates from Brussels gather together and start the party! They won the price for nicest title track with 'Become an asshole'! 'Music for hangover' is not bad either, but some might even get sicker afterwards...
Give these punks a chance, like I did...

Puissance et moteur qui gronde en pays Belge. Après le EP nommé « Hangover », Lionel Pogo records revient en format trio avec Mathias (guitare & cris) et Bob à la batterie. Missiles of October parcourt de nouveau des paysages citadins plutôt heurtés, à grand renfort de masses, de structures de morceaux souvent répétitives. Missiles of October enfonçe le mal partout où il peut s’introduire parce que oui c’est vrai quand même que tout ça n’apparait pas très sain et je ne dis pas ça uniquement du fait des chants-cris agressifs. « Don’t panic » possède plusieurs cordes à son arc, punk par moment, noïse en fond de commerce, pop par… (non j’rigole ! ! !) et cette famille sludge bref du gros son au ras du sol, plombé comme un scaphandrier. « Don’t panic » porte en fait bien son nom, un peu de réassurance au début d’une écoute frontale ça ne peut que faire du bien et rassurer les parents mais la suite disons que… Souvent l’esprit des morceaux se révèle un peu difficile à digérer et on sent derrière tout ça une réelle volonté presque malsaine de créer le malaise. On a ici de quoi rendre méfiant, c’est un style qui ne peut laisser indifférent et crée un bourdonnement intérieur pouvant provoquer ce mouvement de recul que l’on imagine très bien ! Mais qui sont ces types ? J’ai connu Lionel via des prods noïse au début de l’histoire de notre zine, là on est ailleurs, une autre version mise au goût du jour avec le gros son que l’on côtoie parfois et des longues parties instrumentales. Belle évolution et assurément des connections neuronales qui fonctionnent, je ne sais pas si le monstre sera sympathique mais en tout ca il a bon goût…ce qui parait normal pour un carnassier de ce type ! ! ! Au fait ce disque existe en version vinyle, cd et fantôme (bref numérique !) et si je devais vous donner quelques titres ce serait « Dont panic », « Music for hangover », « Two feet in sludge », « Become an asshole » pour la face A, « Dead body » pour la face B. Pour terminer chouette visuel réalisé de nouveau par Sica Locca.

"I panicked some myself when I gave my words that I'll be reviewing Don't Panic, I'm in a place where I need to listen to lots of soothing music, female-fronted electronica, some ethereal folk or indie rock could really help calm me. But now I'm supposed to review some nasty and loud sludge/noise rock with a strong punk attitude for good measure.
This is an in-your-fucking-face record if I've ever heard one, with song titles like "Two feet in sludge" and "Become an asshole" and the band playing their instruments like they woke up angry one morning and forgot other states of mind exist. Missiles of October have a rich bass and drums sound that stands out when paired with their aggressive and sludgy guitars, basically they rock pretty damn hard for the whole duration of this album and they're not afraid of being vulgar about it. I found myself in a whole lot of trouble getting used to the vocals though, it's like someone is telling you to go fuck yourself but the concept of tl;dr is lost on him. On my second listen I got used to them though, they fit the anger of the music "nicely", but the first impression can be a little too weird.
Anyway, if you need some headbanging in your life or still have your doubts about the whole punk/noise rock thing, give Don't Panic a listen, it's free to download after all"

"MISSILES OF OCTOBER spielen einen fast klassischen BLACK FLAG Hardcore, nicht so als ob die Zeit stehen geblieben wäre, eher mit den Melodien und Abfolgen der HC-Ursprungszeit auf heutige Weise, breiter, monotoner, und noch Brei-iger. Mir gefällt der kompromisslose Gesang und das noisige Gitarrenchaos, auch das stumpfe Schlagzeug überzeugt!"

Egyszer már volt szó valamikor a belga Missiles of October első kislemezéről, de az rég volt.
Azóta kijött még egy kislemezük, és most végre a nagy is - ami oltári rút. Ráadásul mostanában ingyenessé is tették őket, ami jó.
Aki esetleg nem kapta el a Hangover EP-t, annak annyit kell tudnia, hogy nyers, zajos, pszichotikus, tahó, monoton punk szemetelésről van szó.
Amolyan bebaszós, verekedős, alpári mocsadék a noise-rock gúnyos faszságából kikanyarodva.

Hinter Missiles of October verbirgt sich ein aus alten Szenegrößen rekrutiertes Trio, das in erster Linie Musik macht, die genau danach klingt: in dicker Hose verpackter Schweinerock.
Über die Namen Lionel Beyet, Bob Seytor und Mathias Salas könnten Einige bereits gestolpert sein, schließlich weisen die drei Belgier zusammen fast ein Jahrhundert Punk- und Hardcoreerfahrung auf, nachzuschlagen im Releasekatalog diverser Bands wie Rotyes, [P.U.T], Frau Blücher and the Drünken Horses, Galvanize oder auch Belgiens angeblich erster Punkband Contingent. 2012 war für die drei Urgesteine nun also die Zeit gekommen, um den gestylten Möchte-Gern-Rockbands der Gegenwart samt ihrer modebewussten Anhängerschaft mal wieder die wahren Werte der Rockmusik einzuprügeln. Wer Missiles of October's roh eingespielte Debüt-EP "Hangover" (2012) und die diesjährig erschienene LP-Vorab-EP "Body" mit Remix- und Live-Versionen bisher gekonnt ignorierte, kann sich nun mit dem ersten Album "Don't Panic" einen Gesamteindruck bilden. Neben den sieben neuen, enthält das Album auch sämtliche EP-Songs (bis auf eine Ausnahme), die in leicht abgewandelten Versionen und mit besserer Produktion im durchschlagenden Sound des übrigen Albums eingebettet wurden. Dabei könnte man es auch schon belassen, denn das Album lebt nicht nur von einem durchschlagenden, sondern vor allem auch einen eingängigen Sound, der das Hervorheben einzelner Songs eigentlich überflüssig macht. Elf Stück sind es an der Zahl, die allesamt von einem fetten Groove in die Flanken getreten werden, egal ob nun vom Sludge gezügelt oder mit grollenden Stoner-Gitarren ordentlich nach vorne gepeitscht. Das klingt nach wesentlich authentischerer "Hier bin ich!"- oder "Rock mich wie einen Orkan!(;)"-Attitüde, die allerdings auf Albumlänge etwas anstrengend, manchmal vielleicht sogar etwas monoton und uninspiriert daher kommt.
Egal! Da "Don't Panic" als Spenden-Download über die Band selbst und Beyet's D.I.Y.-Label P.O.G.O. Records zu ergattern ist, kann jeder für sich selbst entscheiden, ob es mehr Gedulds- oder Mutprobe ist.

(...) La produzione evidenzia spirito e volontà “da palcoscenico”, dimensione probabilmente di primaria importanza per questi ragazzi, le chitarre affondano come il classico coltello nel burro e i bassi sono sempre secchi e densi di quel “senso di spinta” necessario alla buona riuscita dell’album (perché alla fine si avrà di esso un ben preciso ricordo, e alcune cose saranno capaci di lasciare diverse piacevoli cicatrici addosso).
Don’t Panic richiede una quarantina scarsa di minuti del vostro sollazzo, e sicuramente un primo ascolto delimiterà già in partenza eventuali “limiti” di un vostro possibile gradimento. Non si registrano momenti incredibilmente mirabolanti, ma nemmeno quelli dove si rischia di perdere la bussola non apportano infine nessun danno, d’altronde quando imposti un full-lenght su queste coordinate arrivi ben presto a farti perdonare qualsiasi cosa, anzi, alcuni frangenti diventano quasi necessari al momento di tirare le somme, quasi ti ritrovi lì a “cercarli”, avvolto da un autentico attacco di masochismo.
La voce incatramata sarà ben presto la principale protagonista di questo viaggetto, eclettica e vorace di ripetute “grossolanità”. La title track posta all’inizio è il classico biglietto da visita, pronta ad incendiare seduta stante sulle ali della sua accelerazione. Una volta accesa la miccia diventa impossibile resistere, e così i brani cadono come solo la frutta matura sa fare, faranno sorridere, dimenticare, divertire, sballottare. I miei preferiti sono diventati Music For Hangover, “la frustata” Become An Asshole, la ciondolante Wannabe, Addiction e la finale You Pray A Word of Shit (yeah!).

Bella sorpresa questo ‘Don’t Panic’, album subdolamente vizioso e pericoloso ad opera dei belgi Missiles of October! Nonostante l’attitudine prettamente hardcore e la melodia di fondo la forza di questa band è quella di suonare sporca e davvero poco levigata, grazie ad una voce cartavetrata e poco incline nel cercare di risultare in qualche modo piacevole all’ascolto. Superato questo scoglio ci troviamo di fronte ad un album davvero ispirato che partendo da un background punk-core (dalle cose più semplici e veloci alle ‘innovazioni’ dei Black Flag) va a infilarsi in un sentiero fangoso di rock poco allineato e ‘noisiano’ alla Unsane (dovranno fare una statua alla band di NYC per quanti gruppi ha in qualche maniera influenzato!) più quel quid personale fatto di nichilismo e menefreghismo che rende grandi brani come ‘Music For Hangover’, la titletrack, la super cadenzata ‘Addiction’ o la variegata ‘Six Pack’. D’altro canto non tutti i brani hanno lo stesso impatto e ‘You Pray A World Of Shit’ e ‘Wannabe’ suonano un poí forzate nel ripetere la stessa formula in maniera meno brillante rispetto agli episodi sopracitati. In generale ‘Don’t Panic’ è un buon album, spigoloso e incendiario, che necessita però di ben più di un ascolto per essere pienamente apprezzato ed entrare ‘in circolo’ in maniera efficace.

kommen aus Belgien und sie haben soeben ihre erste CD namens “Don’t Panic” unter die Leute gebracht. Die Hardcore-Band erinnert stellenweise an Black Flag und klingt dennoch zeitgemäss und spielt ihre Songs echt unter die Haut gehend! Solltet ihr mal reinhören!

Se trata de un álbum con mucha personalidad y bastante rudo, que representa el propio sonido de la banda que les diferencia del resto, ya que han sabido plasmar lo que más les gusta en un cd de 11 temas irresistibles con mucha tralla. Una guitarra rugiente y una batería bastante pesada junto a una total agresividad que les envuelve con unas letras detonantes procedentes del punk.
Aquí tenemos a una banda que no acaba de dejar humo y fuego a su paso. Esperamos su visita por España para que todos podamos disfrutar de uno de sus espectaculares directos.

Belgi dall’ attitudine punk-hardcore che devono tutto al kaos a partire dal nome – che si rifà ad un docu-dramma sulla crisi missilistica tra Cuba e Usa- sino ad arrivare alla loro musica. Rock non allineato che tanto deve al noise e all’hardcore, con picchi che sfiorano uno sludge veramente pesante e ansiogeno.
Chitarre grezze e una voce ruvida che è difficile da capire ed apprezzare ad un primo ascolto. Tutto, anche l’antipatia vocale, fa parte di quel nichilismo, di quel menefreghismo che sembra essere parte integrante del sound e dei testi della band belga.
Devo dire che ad un primo ascolto mi è sembrato un buon disco, tuttavia un po’ generico. Ho dovuto riascoltarlo più e più volte per capire che c’erano idee veramente buone e interessanti, ma soprattutto per rendermi conto di quanto i titoli delle singole tracce rappresentino alla perfezione il mood del pezzo, che non è cosa da poco.
Tra tutte le tracce dell’album devo dire che mi sono veramente piaciute, e continuo ad ascoltare “Music For Hangover”, “Addiction” e “Six Packs”.

11 tracks conforman este "Dont panic" editado en 2014 con un sonido bien power heavy, sludge x momentos con bases bien stoner cantados en ingles y actitud punk.
Muy buena produccion de este trio formado en 2012
Vale la pena prestarle atencion a este disco y esperamos que algun dia puedan venir de tour x nuestras tierras."



released March 28, 2014


all rights reserved



Missiles of October Bruxelles, Belgium

Stoner punk sludge noise rock band from Brussels - Belgium

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